Five Foods Woman Should Eat In Old Age

Old age is unarguably one of the most painful periods in the life of both men and women. However, the challenges of ageing tend to be more difficult for women in comparison to men. This difference between the challenges of old men and women can be easily spotted by visiting any assisted living facility of your locality (i.e Assisted Living Abbotsford in Abbotsford, Canada).

Fortunately, it seems that there exist at least a few natural ways of reversing the effects of ageing among women. Scientists now claim to have found five ‘superfoods’ that can help women stay healthy even during their old age. While none of them will completely mitigate the possibility of falling sick in the old age, they can certainly reduce the frequency. So let’s take a look on those five foods to find out which ones they’re:

  1. Walnuts: According to Michael Greger, author of New York Times Bestseller book ‘How Not to Die’, eating just two handfuls of walnuts a week can extend the life of an old woman as much as jogging of four hours per week. But Mr. Greger is not the only supporter of walnuts. Earlier research has also found that walnuts reduce cholesterol, ease stress, decrease the risk of diabetes and heart attacks and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Another study published in Journal of Nutrition also suggests that eating just 6 walnuts once a week can reduce the risk of becoming frail significantly. All these things seem very logical because the composition of walnuts is found to be full of protective antioxidants and numerous other healthy nutrients.
  2. Apples: A study last year by University of Michigan found that eating just one small Apple per day could lower the chances of visiting a doctor several times a year by 9%. Another study done by University of Iowa found that ursolic acid found in Apple peel helps in rejuvenating the tired muscles. By controlling muscle wastage, it can help old age people make their muscles almost as strong as they were during their young age.
  3. Oranges: Orange juice has several times been proven to improve the brain function. Drinking just about 500ml of it per day can improve your cognitive function in old age by 8%. These were the findings from a study done at University of Reading in England. According to Dr. Daniel Lamport, one of the scientists involved in the study, oranges are a major source of flavonoids. The flavonoids activate signaling pathways in hippocampus part of brain, which in turn helps in improvement of cognitive functions.
  4. Pears: Pears are well known for the work they do as antioxidants. They improve the immune system considerably by providing a solid dose of antioxidants, and also keep our cholesterol levels in check. Studies on consumption of pears have also found links between low constipation, reduced risk of kidney stones and even diabetes. They’re one of the best sources of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Boron. In addition to all of this, consumption of pears is also known to reduce the deficiency of potassium and copper.
  5. Romaine Lettuce: Among all the lettuces out there in the world, romaine lettuce is known to be the most nourishing one. It’s known for reducing the risk of osteoporosis, which is very common among old women these days. Besides that, it also reduces the risk of cancer, high blood pressure, depression and obesity. It’s a great source of potassium, and it’s also an alkaline forming food, which means that it also helps in controlling acidity.

So there you have it – five great foods that help you protect your body from various health issues that arise in the old age. However, at the same time it’s also worth pointing out that these foods ARE NOT the alternatives to a balanced and healthy diet. You can’t rely over these five items only and expect yourself to stay totally fit and fine, no matter what your age. This has been stressed by all the scientists who suggested these superfoods. So take them as health supplements – they can help beat the effects of ageing, but you must combine them with a healthy meal plan to stay fit in your old age.

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