Does Your Food Influence on Your Writing Skills

You must have already brought up just about every excuse you can think of for why you just can not sit down calmly and write your essay : your buzzing phone, back pain, hot room, great weather outside, your dog desperate to go for a walk. But would you be surprised if we told you just how much your food influences on your writing skills? After all, it is: ” A healthy mind, in a healthy body”

As it happens, changing your food habits is the first step towards becoming one of those great research paper writers. But you can not change overnight, it takes time. Modern life moves fast, and fast food is its inseparable companion. It’s for this reason that many students, unable to concentrate and keep their deadlines, decide to buy research papers.

If you have made up your mind to change your eating habits, we hope that you will find this text useful:

  • Impact of healthy nutrition

   You can find a number of research papers online studying the impact of nutrition on students’ academic performance, all of them coming to the conclusion that food, indeed, affects students’ cognitive skills and abilities, their ability to concentrate, health, behaviour, learning and memory. One of them found that 5th graders who ate unhealthy food fared worse on literary assessment tests and had lower math and reading scores, while their peers who ate healthy food outscored them in almost every subject. It has also been demonstrated that eating food high in saturated and trans fats is highly likely to have a negative impact on cognition.

  • How to boost your concentration

Being unable to concentrate on their essays is one of the main reasons why many students decide to turn to research paper help. The good news is: your diet can help you to stay focused. It’ s a well- known fact that caffeine, found in coffee and popular energy drinks, keeps you awake and helps you to concentrate. However, be careful not to take much of it, because it will backfire and result in a lack of concentration. Have you noticed that you crave chocolate whenever you study or write? That is because chocolate is a potent brain stimulant, containing caffeine and sugar. But we have to disappoint you here: it’ s mostly dark chocolate that has these healthy properties. So, Mars bars just do not cut it.

  • Do not skip your breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many students, for a variety of reasons choose to skip it, and it’ s a bad idea. Not only that eating breakfast will improve your overall health, but it has also been shown to improve your long- term and short- term memory and concentration. But be careful, because eating a high caloric breakfast will impair your concentration instead of improving it.

  • Healthy food will improve your mood

Apart from concentration problems, the reason why you find it difficult to complete your essays is that you feel like “ killing someone“ because you are being forced to sit there, slumped over your desk, writing your essay, while all you want is to be able to relax and do what you like. Changing your eating habits can be helpful here too.

It has been shown that getting into a regular eating pattern will help you keep your energy levels high and control your mood swings. In the similar vein, skipping your meals is a recipe for disaster, because getting too hungry will also make you moody. It’ s also important to avoid junk foods and an overindulgence of sugar as well as alcohol ( whether you believe it or not, alcohol contributes to feelings of depression ). Instead, you should eat bananas because they contain dopamine known to improve your mood, as well as purple berries, dark chocolate and protein ( found in cheese and eggs ).

If you want to write your papers yourself instead of getting a research paper for sale, a good idea is to start eating healthier immediately. Usually, the main reason why you feel like you can not write your essays is not the lack of ability, but the lack of concentration and moodiness. Eat more healthy food, and you will notice an immediate change.

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