Frying Vegetables In Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Healthier Than Boiling Them And Prevents Cancer


If you decide to change your diet, it will be a much more difficult process than you think. We aren’t talking about the ingredients that we consume, we aren’t talking about eating healthy, organic food, we are talking about changing your whole lifestyle.

Starting from changing your eating habits, changing your cooking methods and taking into considerations many facts which will improve your health and life in general.

However, not everything that we hear and read about healthy habits it’s true. In general, there has to be a deep explanation or research behind everything we read.

For instance, a research done by a Spanish university, has shown that frying vegetables in extra virgin olive oil is actually much heathier than boiling them in water. 

It turns out that the process of frying the veggies increases their antioxidant capacity and therefore prevents many diseases such as cancer. We consider frying as the worst cooking method and in fact we have been fooled.

Frying can actually improve the quality of your meal, this is far from what we used to believe, that frying can only cause fat and that frying can affect our heart health and our metabolism. According to the research, opposed to our belief, the process of frying helps the vegetables retain their healthy properties and compounds and this is not the case with the process of boiling as we thought.

Potatoes, tomatoes and other veggies have a greater antioxidant capacity while fried in extra virgin oil and therefore are much more potent and powerful to fight severe diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

The study was focused on various cooking methods in order to prove which method helps the vegetables retain their healthy compounds and to our surprise, it was the frying process with extra virgin olive oil.

The research included frying and boiling some particular vegetables, frying method showed increased fat and reduced moisture in the vegetables.

As the researchers concluded, the frying method increased the phenolic fraction, but on the other hand it also increases the energy density due to the extra absorbed oil.

Frying in extra virgin olive oil can intensify the phenolic composition and if the phenolic content is high in raw vegetables, so is the content of phenols.

As for the boiling method or the hydrothermal methods, it’s best if you consume the vegetables together with the water in order to promote the phenolic content.

Why should you use extra virgin olive oil? Here’s a list of health benefits:

  • Reduces the chance of Alzheimer disease
  • Prevents depression and boost your mood
  • Reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes
  • May protect from breast cancer
  • Helps with skin cancer
  • Fights osteoporosis
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