Do Not Throw Away Your Old Glass Bottles, Here Are 11 Ways To Reuse Them Around The House

You can probably find at least ten glass bottles hidden somewhere in your kitchen, collecting dust, of course. You said to yourself that you are going to use them wisely and practically, but that was maybe 2 years ago. They are still not used at all.

One day, you opened your cupboard and you realized you need to do something with these glass bottles. Don’t feel sorry for them because they are not going to be thrown away!

This is one of your epiphany moments where you need to become a creative master! Are you ready to reuse these glass bottles and decorate your home with these brilliant ideas? Let’s see how easily you can do that in these pictures:

  1. Flower vases that you can put on the wall

2. Picture frames out of glass bottles

This one is perfect for vintage lovers. Print some old or new pictures in black and white mode and remove the labels from the bottles. That’s all it takes to make these lovely vintage picture frames!

 To remove the label, use a flat tool, soap and water.

Then, just roll up the photo that you had or just printed out and put it inside. Another brilliant idea is to add some seashells or marbles inside if you feel nostalgic about the sea and the beach.

If you feel like decorating even more, put some jewelry decoration on top of the bottles to get a sparkly finish. In that way, they will be the most noticeable thing in your room. Here is the final look.

  1. Patriotic drinking glasses

You can use these for your guests on 4th July. They will probably be very surprised and happy to drink from them!

  1. Glass vase

This is a simple way to brighten up your living room with having a new vase that you won’t even spend a dollar on! Follow these steps and create a stunning glass vase!

  1. Newspaper/book vase

If you also keep old newspapers at home and you also happen to be a book-lover, you will fall in love with this one! Look at these steps on how to make this simple, minimalistic, yet beautiful vase out of old books or newspapers.

First, choose a design and cut it out from an old book or a newspaper. You can use any shape starting from flowers, butterflies, etc.

Then, use a flat white paint to cover the bottle.

Finally, glue the design onto the bottle, and here’s the result:

  1. Storage bottles

This one is an old one, but still great because you can use many shapes of bottles and be creative in your kitchen. The most common one is VOSS water bottle that you can easily turn into a pasta storage.

  1. Glass spray bottle

Stop using a plastic one and save the environment with this cute-looking glass spray bottle.

  1. Winter wonderland out of glass bottles

Although holidays have just ended, this can be an idea for next year. Decorate your home using old glass bottles again! It is chap, practical and so innovative!

To do this, you will need white paint, newspaper, a glass bottle, and some Epsom salt.

First, paint the bottle and then coat it with the salt that has been spread on a newspaper.

In that way, the salt will keep itself on the bottle, looking like snow. It is so creative and fun to look at!

  1. Greeting on glass bottles

If you are a party organizer running out of ideas, take a look at this one. You can use this idea as a greeting written on glass bottles when your guests are coming, but you can also use it as a home decoration. What you need to do is just add some letters on the bottles, but make sure everyone can read them. Make a contrast of black and white or different colors to be even more creative.

  1. Bird feeder

This innovative bird feeder that you can do on your own is the easiest way to feed your birds. It is also very practical.

  1. Drinking glasses from your favorite brand

Cut branded bottles from your favorite brand and make these lovely glasses that will be your morning favorite. Here’s an example of Coca Cola glasses that look timeless.

  1. Oil lamps for your garden or yard

For this DIY, you need tiki wick, kerosene, and a lighter. Enjoy your evening outside with these lovely oil lamps.


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4 years ago

I love that you are thinking outside the box and these are such simple ideas for repurposing. Great projects to complete when spending time with my grandchildren.