Get Rid of Mice, Bugs, Flies And Other Annoying Pests By Using THIS Herb Into Your House


If you are a nature lover and you enjoy having a garden or taking care of a few plants or herbs into your house, don’t forget to include one very important herb into your collection – the peppermint.

There are two types of peppermint plants- black and white. Black peppermint plants are darker and they have a stronger smell whereas white peppermint plants are lighter in both colour and smell.

It’s very easy to grow peppermint plants since they spread very easily and quickly, so make sure that you put them into a separate pot if you don’t want them to take over the whole garden.

Keep just a few things in mind -peppermint plants need a lot of water and plenty of drainage. They also enjoy a partial to full sunlight so you might have to think of a perfect place for them to keep before you decide to grow one.

Its unique smell it’s what makes it favourite among herbs. Besides its use in the kitchen for preparing hot drinks or spicing up some cocktails or other drinks, the peppermint can be very useful around the house as well.


Enjoy in the buzzing of beneficial insects

If you want to attract the presence of honeybees and hoverflies than you definitely need a peppermint plant in your home. Mint is rich in nectar and pollen which attract these “good bugs”.

Repel bad insects

While on the one hand peppermint attracts beneficial insects on the other hand it is very useful in repelling bad insects. Repel ants, flies and spiders by growing a plant of peppermint just outside your door, or spray diluted peppermint oil around the house and get rid of the unwanted guests. Prepare this peppermint oil by putting one part oil to nine parts water.

Deter mice

If you have regular visits from mice at your home- peppermint is the solution to your problem. Place cotton balls with peppermint in areas around your home where mice like to congregate and say goodbye to them forever.

 Help your furry friend

Protect your pet from the annoying fleas that attack its fur. Mix two parts of fresh mint, one part fresh thyme and a part of fresh wormwood then put this mixture into a small pillow or a bag. Place the pillow or the bag near your pet’s bed or another favorite resting place and help it feel free of fleas.

Keep your house fresh and clean

indoor plants that repel insects


If you want to keep the fresh and welcoming smell in your house all day long, don’t hesitate to grow a peppermint plant into your house. You will feel the freshness in the air long after you have cleaned the house and you’ll never feel insecure to invite them in when someone knocks on your door unannounced.

So if you weren’t sure whether to grow this plant or not I’m sure I’ve helped you made up your mind. Buy or plant your pot of peppermint today and enjoy in a life free of bugs, flies, spiders and other pests.


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