Get rid of the space issues of your compact Mumbai apartment

Most of the working class live in flats and apartments. Storage of things becomes an issue due to the size of your apartment. Most of you who work in metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc would have faced problems related to storage at some point. Finding a place to stay is itself a difficult task. At economical prices, you may need to adjust with small apartments. If you manage your available space, storage problems can be solved to some extent. In this article, you will see ways to overcome the space issues in your apartment.

Managing space

Most of your apartments will be 1 BHK or 2BHK. According to the price, the size of the rooms will vary. Your bedroom will be filled with your clothes and like. Your kitchen will have utensils and kitchen equipment. Only the living room will be left for storing your other things such as books, documents etc. The prime way of managing space is to ensure that your things are stored in an orderly manner. You will find it very hard to find things from a messy room. You cannot store things efficiently. So try to maintain an orderly life.

Storing your clothes also require care. If you have a lot of clothes, it is better to iron and keep them folded. Silica gel can be placed in compartments to keep away moisture. This will also absorb bad odor from clothes and also prevent insects like termites. Manage your clothes in an orderly fashion.

Special care must be taken in case of the kitchen. If you don’t store your utensils properly, there can be insect problems.

Selecting storage cabins

If you live in a small apartment, buying a drawer with many layers can be highly effective. It will take up less space and at the same time, you can store more things in it. You can find perfect storage solutions from Urban Ladder, IKEA etc. Many types of cupboards and storage cabins are available online as well as in showrooms. Select a model that best suits your requirements and space.

Types of storage

Wooden cupboards and storage cabins would be economical. They will last around 5 to 10 years. But if you want long lasting storage space, go for steel cabins. If your work requires frequent shifting, it would be wise to go for wooden cabins. They are easy to transport and are cheaper as compared to steel. When you buy storage cabins, try to go for ones with table tops. These can be kept in your living room. Flower vases of picture frames can be placed on top. This will give a nice look to your living room.

Placing your storage

The placement of storage is also an issue. If you are using wooden drawers, keep it away from moist environments. Never place a wooden cupboard near your bathrooms. The moisture will result in termites and your furniture can be destroyed.  In such cases, it is better to go for steel cupboards. You can go for perfect storage solutions from Urban Ladder and similar websites.

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