Ginger Extract Kills Ovarian & Prostate Cancer Cells Better Than Chemo

Did you know that ginger extract can kill ovarian cancer cells as well as prostate cancer with no toxicity?

Zingerone, shogaols, gingerols, and volatile oils give ginger its distinct aroma and flavor, as well as its excellent medical properties. The amount of these therapeutic compounds in ginger is determined by its geographic origin, time of harvest, and processing methods.


Ginger is one of the best pain killers in the world having analgesic properties like the popular ibuprofen, only better. The above mentioned active ingredients reduce pain while not causing any harm. Actually, ginger reduces pain-causing prostaglandin levels in the body.

A study by researchers found that when people suffering from muscular pain were given ginger, they all experienced improvement. The recommended dosage of ginger is between 500 and 1,000 milligrams per day. Drink ginger tea or place flakes in your food. Either way will bring you relief from that recurring pain!

During the past 25 years, many laboratories have provided scientific support for the long-shared belief that ginger contains constituents with anti-inflammatory properties. The original discovery of ginger’s inhibitory effects on prostaglandin biosynthesis in the early 1970s has been repeatedly reconfirmed. This discovery identified ginger as an herbal medicinal product that shares pharmacological properties with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but minus their side effects.

Ginger suppresses prostaglandin synthesis through inhibition of specific enzymes. An important extension of this early work was the observation that ginger also suppresses inflammatory biosynthesis by inhibiting inflammatory proteins. This pharmacological property distinguishes ginger from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

This discovery preceded the observation that dual inhibitors of these enzymes and inflammatory proteins may have a better therapeutic profile and have fewer side effects than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The characterization of the pharmacological properties of ginger entered a new phase with the discovery that ginger extract inhibits the induction of several genes involved in the inflammatory response.

These include genes encoding cytokines, chemokines, and the inducible enzymes. This discovery provided the first evidence that ginger modulates biochemical pathways activated in chronic inflammation.

Ginger extract healing properties


Remarkably, ginger extract is even more effective than many cancer drugs at shrinking tumors. Commonly consumed across the world in small doses in food and beverage products, the medicinal properties of ginger extract far surpass even advanced pharmaceutical inventions!

Ginger has been used for years to treat nausea and inflammation, but recently a session presented at the American Association For Cancer Research showed that in every instance where ginger powder was used to treat cancer cells, they all died upon being exposed. When ginger is present, the cancer cells attack one another, which is a phenomenon called autophagy.

Ginger extract inhibits the growth and secretions of angiogenic agents in ovarian cancer. So, ginger may be a proper treatment and preventative food against developing ovarian cancer in women.

This extract was shown to bring about significant growth-inhibiting and death-inductory effects on prostate cancer, too. Over 17 other studies have also reached similar conclusions on ginger’s anticancer benefits, with the spice being shown by peer-reviewed research to positively impact over 101 diseases.

One study, carried out at Georgia State University, revealed that whole ginger extract shrinks prostate tumor size by a whopping 56% in mice. The anticancer properties were observed in addition to ginger’s role in reducing inflammation as well as being a rich source of life-enhancing antioxidants.

The British Journal of Nutrition has also published the results of a study that showed that the ginger extract killed human prostate cancer cells while leaving the healthy prostate cells alone. This extract was revealed to be able to shrink prostate tumors by at least almost 60% in size. This spice also has not been known to have any side effects even in high doses. That is fantastic because it means that unlike with the dreaded side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments you can free yourself of cancer without hurting your body more.

 But what about cancer drugs?

Could this simple spice really topple the advanced pharmaceuticals that are often touted as the ‘only option’ for cancer patients by medical doctors?

It turns out that cancer drugs are not only severely ineffective at shrinking tumors permanently, but they actually make tumors larger and kill the patient more quickly. More specifically, the tumors have been found to ‘metasize’, meaning they come back bigger and stronger than their original size. What’s more, the ‘metasizing’ was found to be very aggressive. According to the scientist Beth Israel, Deaconess at the Medical Center in Boston, the premium priced drugs were nothing but death sentences for many patients.

Tons of people are diagnosed with cancer every day. It has been said that more than 20,000 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year. These cases can be treated with ginger, but chances are, they will not be!