Do Not Throw Away The Green Picks Of Spring Onions! These Parts Can Treat Insomnia Cold,Headaches And Much More…

Scallion, commonly known as spring onion or green onion is a small onion with long leaves. Spring Onion is an essential ingredient of Chinese and Continental dishes. It is one of the common ingredients in stews and stir-fries, as well as pasta, soufflés, fritters, noodles, soup and fried-rice. Its taste is enriching but not overpowering, which is why its green leaves mix well with seafood, carrot, cabbage, green peas, potato, and many other vegetables.

Its uses, however, extend beyond the culinary world. The next time you eat this vegetable at home or in a restaurant, you should definitely eat more of the green leaves of onions. They are full of valuable nutrients. The green onion’s medicinal part is its stem.

Over the centuries, the Chinese have emphasized the importance of green shoots, especially the green onions. This herb is dominant in their food and their daily life and it is no wonder that Chinese people live long and are very healthy.  Moreover, in south Asia, we see that many people firmly believe in herbal remedies and anyone with good knowledge of herbs would define the green onion to be an excellent choice.

It works as an expectorant, antipyretic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.  It is effective against headaches, colds, indigestion, chills to the stomach, and also for insomnia.

Let us explore some of the most important benefits of green onion.

  • It is good for diabetics – It controls blood sugar levels and improves glucose tolerance.
  • It helps treat arthritis and asthma – It contains quercetin, which provides anti- inflammatory and anti-histamine benefits.
  • It has antibacterial propertie –  It is mainly used as a traditional medicine for common cold.  The strongest antibacterial effects are found in raw, fresh, recently-chopped onion; onions that have been chopped and then left to sit for 48 hours lose much of their bacteria-fighting powers.
  • It is good for cardiovascular health – It normalizes blood pressure and lowers the oxidation of cholesterol.
  • It stimulates the respiratory tract and helps in expelling sputum (phlegm).
  • It contains essential oils that stimulates the sweat glands and promote sweating.
  • It increases appetite.
  • It provides relief from digestive discomforts.
  • It kills or inhibits fungus infections due to its high content of sulfur.
  • It inhibits cancer cell growth especially colon cancer due to its pectin content. Green onion’s anti-colon cancer properties are well known among traditional healers around the world.
  • It contains vitamins C and A that boost the immunity and protect the eyes.
  • A green onion stalk contains 24 micrograms of vitamin A in the form of provitamin A carotenoid compounds that the body converts to retinol, the active form of the vitamin.
  • It is a good appetizer.
  • It helps speed up blood circulation and absorbs vitamin B1. This helps reduce stress and tiredness.
  • It contains allicin, which is good for the skin and protects the skin from wrinkling.


Here are some ideas how you can use green onion as a natural remedy


Cut the green onion’s white part into pieces. Put it in a cloth bag and steam it for a hot compress. You can also mix the green onion with grated ginger and some salt. Wrap the hot bag in a towel or gauze and place it over the throat, chest, soles, palms, back, and armpits. It lowers the heat, gives relief from pain and promotes perspiration. This method has been used since the ancient times.


Boil the whole green onion for a few minutes. Grind it and mix with a little water just enough to make a paste, and then place it to the swollen part of your feet. This simple method has been known and used for hundreds of years.


Mash the green onion and make wet cotton with its juice. Place the wet cotton to your nose.


Believe it or not, if you cannot sleep well, just place a bundle of green onion beside your pillow. Onions also contain tryptophan — an amino acid which promotes healthy sleep.

Green onion also eliminates unpleasant smells of fish and meat. To store green onion, wrap it in newspapers and place it in the refrigerator. If it has been cut, put it in a poly bag, and place it in the refrigerator.