How To Grow Watercress At HOME-One Of The Most Nutritious Vegetables


The watercress is among the most valued nutritious vegetables due to its extraordinary revitalizing power.

The health benefits of watercress are attributed to its abundant nutrient content. The watercress is a ‘fountain source’ of the B-group vitamins:
B1, B2, B6, C, E, manganese, and carotenes.

Moreover, it is also a good source of calcium, fiber, iron, and copper. The watercress livens up any raw salad or a main-course side dish. Many prefer to make an energizing green juice with the watercress as a main ingredient.

But please keep in mind: the watercress juice is a green juice and must not be consumed on its own! Never forget to mix it with other ‘softening veggies.’ It also tastes slightly bitter than the spinach, so it is much easier to swallow if mixed with carrots, potatoes, a little parsley, spinach and turnip leaves in the main dish.

For optimal health benefits, you can eat your watercress raw and as fresh as possible… if your stomach can take care of it, of course.

If you want to be 100% sure that your watercress is organic (which guarantees its nutritive profile) then the best solution is to grow your own veggie. Just like with the spinach remedial power, the watercress veggie is also fai(r)ly ‘magical’ when  it comes to its health benefits.

Here are some of them:

1.Watercress helps protect the eye health because it contains a high level of 2 powerful carotenoids: zeaxanthin and lutein.

2. Watercress exerts anticancer properties.

3. Watercress helps to normalize cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

4. Watercress increases sexual drive and enhances fertility in women.

5. Watercress can help improve memory, entire mental function of the brain cells, and can retard the ageing process.

6. Watercress is a powerful cleanser of the body, especially the bloodstream.

7. Watercress can help increase production of breast milk of mothers who decide on breast feeding of their infants.

8. Watercress is high in potassium but low in calories – an advantage which is highly desirable for weight loss programs, as its diuretic action draws excess fluid down and out of the body.

9. Watercress helps improve digestion by regulating the flow of bile.

10. Watercress is valued for clearing and improving the skin complexion.

11. The chlorophyll-rich leaves are chewed to absorb bad breath odors.

12. If you chew raw watercress leaves, you can cure your bleeding gums.

13. The watercress leaves are used as a poultice for the relief of enlarged prostate gland. The poultice can also effectively treat swollen feet and sprained ankles.

14. Watercress is rich in calcium which strengthens the bones and teeth marrow.

15. Watercress is a good source of iodine, which is important to the function of the thyroid gland.

How To Grow Watercress At Home

Materials needed:

  • watercress seeds,
  • seed compost,
  • recycled container,
  • plastic tray,
  • plastic bottle, and
  • a pair of sharp scissors

1. Fill a recycled container

After putting holes in the base of the container, fill it ¾ full of seed compost. Place it onto a plastic tray and wet the soil, using a plastic bottle with a few holes in its lid as a spray.

Ready, Set, Grow!

 2. Add watercress seeds

Sprinkle watercress seeds over the surface of the seed compost. Gently press them into the soil. Cover the container while the seeds germinate.


3. Keep soil moist at all times

Make sure there is always enough water in the plastic tray. Tap water contains many of the minerals the watercress needs to grow. The growing process will take up to 4 weeks.


4. Trim the watercress

Snip the top shoots off with a pair of scissors. At this time, the watercress will be 15-50 cm (6-20 inches) tall. When you cut it, the plants will regrow quickly and become even bushier.

homeNote: Always rinse the watercress well before using it in a dish.
As we stated above, this super-healthy plant is full of many of the vitamins and minerals your body needs, so it will help to keep you in a ‘tiptop shape.’

The secret of growing the watercress is to keep it in full sun and keep the soil damp and healthy, but make sure it is never too saturated, since overwatering can kill your crop. This DIY(Do-It-Yourself) project takes 4 weeks to complete.


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