Here’s How To Cut Onions Without Crying

Those of us who enjoy cooking and cook often know that cutting an onion without crying is a real challenge. But you’ll be surprised to hear that red eyes, tears and burning sensation in your eyes will no longer bother you each time you are chopping or slicing the onions.

Yes, that can happen and you won’t have to use goggles. Read further to find out the trick of cutting onions without crying.

You will need to use:

  • A larger vegetable knife
  • A small paring knife
  • An onion
  1. Take the onion and find its base. The base is the brown, hairy-looking button on the flat side of the onion where the roots come out of.2.You shouldn’t peel the onion yet. Take the small paring knife and mark a small ring around the base of the onion. The ring should be around 1/3 the diameter of the onion.

3. Then place the small paring knife in a 45 degree angle and cut out a cone in the onion. Slowly insert the knife all the way around the button. The cone should be deep about a third of the onion.

4. Lift and remove the cone out of the onion. And that’s it. Now you’ve actually taken out the bulb which contains all that gas that makes you cry. Throw the cone directly into the trash.

5. Finally, peel your onion and use the large vegetable knife to cut it in half. But don’t cut the onion on its side, instead cut it from the end point down to where the root was. Cut the onion in half using gentle pressure. Then chop the onion according to your preference or as the recipe requires.

Watch the following video and follow the instructions!



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