The Heroes who Aim to Stop The “How to make Lean” search Epidemic

Lean (also known as sizzurp, purple drank, dirty sprite) has been in the light among-st the youth since the early 90’s and continues to spark curiosity and fascination amongst the younger and older groups of people today.

This beverage has been made popular by various hip-hop artists which often references the drink in the today’s hit songs. Lean is an extremely controversial concoction consisting of narcotic pharmaceuticals (prometh with codeine) that is typically prescribed for coughing in extreme cases.

The pharmaceutical substances are used in 25 times more than their prescribed serving size and is mixed with soft drinks and jolly ranchers. The concoction typically renders the user in a euphoric and tranquilized state. The downside is that the pharmaceuticals are very addicting are are extremely volatile when mixed with alcohol or other pharmaceuticals.

Being that lean involves the consumption of promethazine (which depresses the central nervous system) and codeine (Which suppresses the respiratory functions), the risks involved are correlated to the expected overdose effects of these drugs. The current recreational user can use up to 25 times of the recommended dosage for proper use. Addiction is another danger to consider.

One of the main ingredients in lean is Codeine (Which is an opiate). An addiction to lean has similar consequences as an addiction to Morphine, Heroin, Vicodin, Oxycontin. Abuse of the opiates in lean can result in the same withdrawal symptoms as with the drugs listed above.

Last year, In 2016 alone, there have been thousands of overdoses cases among-st teenagers 17 and younger. “It has become a full-blown epidemic among the youth.” says Matt Jacobson of Yeshiva University in Pharmaceutical Studies. The University’s study group has launched a harm reduction website for those looking into How to Make Lean (condoning safe use and best harm reduction practices while advertising its’ dangers.

The group is also promoting safer alternatives which utilize cannabidiol, safe terpenes, kava, and other safe and legal ingredients which emulate the high produced by the pharmaceutical concoction . Jacobson says, “In today’s day, when someone googles, “How to make lean” They find 3rd party advice on making it, but no one speaks of its’ repercussion. Our group is considered.

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