HIIT and Functional Fitness: Top 2017 Effective Fitness Trends

The year 2017 is the year of fitness, so it’s time you got up to speed with the most popular and effective trends. Whether you’ve decided to lose weight, increase your strength or prepare for a marathon, these trends will undoubtedly help you achieve your fitness goals. Just have in mind that some of them will definitely make you break a sweat.

Group personal training

What makes group personal training an effective trend is the fact that it combines the benefits of both group and personal training. This type of workout focuses on smaller groups led by a fitness trainer, enabling every member of the group to have professional guidance. Group personal training is a more effective approach than the regular group training because it provides every group member with an opportunity to work with a trainer who otherwise wouldn’t be able to give them enough attention.

Express workout

If you’re one of those who can barely squeeze working out into their busy schedules, then this form of training is just for you. Express workout is an approach that entails performing multiple exercises at a fast pace. Given that express workouts typically last for 30 minutes, they are perfect for individuals who can’t afford to spend more time on exercising. However, despite their short length, these exercises require a lot of effort, which makes them extremely effective.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

One of the most popular trends that 2017 has brought is also one of the most intensive workouts that you can undertake. Before taking up high-intensity interval training, you should get comfortable gym wear because nothing should hold you back during your workout. This type of workout involves short, but extremely intense periods of exercise combined with short rest time.

Whether you have a personal trainer or you’re more into group training, this approach can be easily implemented in any workout routine. Its intensity makes it incredibly effective, while a variety of possible exercises makes HIIT fun. So, put on some comfy gym clothes and shoes, and get ready to up your game.

Functional fitness

Another star among 2017 fitness trends is functional fitness, a holistic approach used to strengthen a group of muscles at the same time. The purpose of this type of workout is to prepare you for everyday activities, such as unloading the car or shovelling snow, which is why functional fitness exercises actually simulate them. Typically, functional fitness programs are focused on building endurance and balance and strengthening a variety of muscle groups.

Wearable fitness technology

If you have a problem with motivation and persistence, then you should consider getting a piece of wearable fitness technology. This technology includes state-of-the-art devices like fitness trackers, distance counters and others that act as great motivators by keeping track of your progress and pushing you forward.

In addition, many of them can also track your heart rate and collect data about your sleep patterns, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of how your body works. The reason why this trend is here to stay extends far beyond its practical features.

Namely, wearable fitness technology has a great impact on your overall lifestyle, motivating you to make better and healthier choices.

Body weight training

Another trend on the 2017 fitness list is an approach that entails using your own body as resistance – body weight training. This type of workout is perfect for beginners because it doesn’t involve the use of equipment. Instead, body weight training helps you lose weight and build strength by forcing you to resist your own weight while doing exercises like push-ups and pull-ups. If you’re not much into workout equipment, then this form of training is just for you.

By combining these approaches and keeping track of your progress, you’ll get in shape in no time. After all, there’s a reason why these trends are the most effective ones.

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