A Honey-Wrap: Cure Your Cough And Remove The Mucus From Your Lungs In Just One Night

honey wrap

This cure is absolutely efficient!  Believe it or not, honey wraps can cure common colds in just 1 day!

Although coughs and colds are considered minor ailments, sometimes they can easily turn into extremely irritating and unexpected diseases. A dry cough is especially more annoying as it makes you uncomfortable, and does not let you concentrate on anything whatsoever.

In addition to the misfortunate person who suffers from it, the ailment is also a nuisance for the people around him or her. Though this annoying condition can be bearable during the day, it is a completely different experience at night!

The cough simply does not let you sleep without an interruption, however hard you tried, right? And thus, many people end up relying on a cough syrup to get the necessary relief.

But beware: Cough syrups over-the-counter only suppress the symptoms!

What the majority of pharmaceutically-prepared cough syrups do is suppress the transmission of signals to the brain that triggers coughing.

Cough syrups have 2 major ingredients – codeine and dextromethorphan – which suppress the signals, and render you sleeping. These, however, are known to cause certain side effects such as, sleepiness, lethargy, headaches and rapid heart activities.

Benefits of honey: An overview

If something can really disturb one’s life, that is a series of sleepless nights. My friend Ron Malkovich keeps asking me for advice, so I did a little research to help him. Sleep disorders include a range of problems – from insomnia to narcolepsy – and affect millions of Americans.

If you have sleep disorders, then raw honey might not be on your mind because of how sweet it is, but it does help sufferers of chronic insomnia as well as those who only sometimes sleep poorly.

Raw honey is a sweet food made by bees foraging nectar from flowers. Raw honey is different because of its natural composition, to the point where some doctors even recommend it be taken before going to bed.

Dr. Fessenen is among those recommending raw honey as an ideal food for many reasons: to be taken at different times of day for good nourishment, but perhaps most interestingly before bedtime in order to support a healthy night’s sleep.

Raw honey may be one of the most sugary foods out there, but that does not mean it can’t help your body to undergo ‘repairing processes’ overnight.

To achieve this, you must make sure that your honey is really raw and organic since most store brands are imported from distant countries, contain GMO ingredients, and are oftentimes heated so that many of the beneficial substances are lost for “safety” reasons. So, if you can’t find a reliable retailer, it is best to buy raw honey directly from a local farmer.

Eating quality raw honey ensures that the liver will have an adequate supply of liver glycogen throughout the day, and taking it right before bedtime can serve as valuable liver fuel at nightAdditionally, when combined with pure spring water, it gives your body most of what it needs to perform its restorative and detoxing functions.

Now, what are these honey wraps?

honey wrap


Interestingly enough, there is a relatively common remedy that can not only help with a cough, but has other numerous medicinal effects on the body as well. That ingredient is honey!

And, the application of these honey wraps will not only help you overcome the severe coughing, but they will also extricate the mucus from the lungs. This treatment can be used for children as well as for grown-ups.

The Honey-Wrap Treatment


  • Organic honey
  • olive oil
  • sterile gauze
  • napkin
  • flour
  • Band-Aid adhesive tape


  • Mix the flour with a small amount of honey, so that you get a mixture for the compress, which should not stick to your hands by the way.
  • Add a small portion of olive oil, and then roll it in some flour again.Place the mixture on a napkin, and wrap in a sterile cheesecloth.
  • Attach it to the chest or back, using the plaster adhesive tape, and next put on your pajamas.

Note: If the honey wrap is used for treating children’s complaints, stick the wraps on them for about 2-3 hours before going to bed.

For adults, the wrap can be kept overnight.One small tip to remember is to protect your cotton bedsheets as the person using the wraps will be sweating a lot, and maybe tossing and turning as well. In cases of severe coughs, this treatment can be repeated continuously for a few days to get complete relief.

As it is made up of all-natural ingredients, there are no side effects. The only care that must be taken when using with children is to make sure that they do not have any skin ailments or injury.


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This is such a great wrap! Guys, I cannot thank you enough!