How To Drink Water To Lose Weight

Many would just wave hand at the possibility of losing weight simply with drinks of water. But water is the first and the most successful step you should make in your successful weight loss effort.

Our bodies are approximately 70 percent water, so the abundant hydration is more than necessary.
Our body loses so much water throughout the day, so we need to make sure we are replacing it in a proper way.

The first thing water does for us is – it increases our metabolism. Now you see it: Increased metabolism means faster burning of calories. And everybody wants to burn more calories, right?
The second thing it does for us is – it decreases the acidic levels. Our body also gets quite acidic throughout the day because of many reasons: drinking coffee, eating unhealthy foods such as processed oils, canned foods, soft drinks and sodas…

They all shift our body pH value toward acidic one. Even environmental pollutants that we have no control of do the same damage to our bodies.

So we all need to drink tons of water to flush out those toxins.  Too many of us walk around dehydrated and do not even know that. Do you often have sugar cravings, headache in the afternoon… How about fatigue all day long? Then you are not drinking enough water! Bottom line!

If you have periods of physical exercises that you do to keep fit (that is workouts), you should be drinking even more water. It may sound crazy, but drinking a lot of water is manageable with these tips:

1. Carry around a water bottle all day long. Actually, you should “get married” with your little water tank. Just be with it everywhere you go and sip at it all day long. No chugging is necessary.

2. Next, you can flavor your water drinks with lemons and limes. Chop them up and put them into the bottom of a jug. Then pour water in it. Make cucumber slices your favorite ones. Cucumber has 96% water content and mineral balance. Due to this fact, cucumber can produce similar hydration levels to twice the volume of water.  You can also add other vegetables which can hydrate you more than a glass of water!

3. Last, if you can’t stand water, make tons of herbal tea and drink that throughout the day. That will count toward your water intake.