Creative Ideas – How To Make An Amazing Grass Day Bed For Your Yard!

In his effort to enjoy the natural environment while having a good rest, a man called Jason Hodges came up with an extraordinary idea: He built a daybed with a mattress made of grass!

In the video – courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens – crafty dad Jason Hodges literally transforms a barren concrete courtyard into a comfy, lively green daybed of grass.

It’s perfect for a backyard picnic with friends and family, or for a refreshing afternoon nap away from any noise. Cool and practical, indeed!

Here’s how he crafted it:

Jason first constructed the base of a futon and ‘dressed’ it with a headboard. Then he made the top frame in which the grass and soot sit. And to round it off, Jason finished the wood with a charcoal stain to craft a sleek and elegant look!

Jason then filled his ‘raised garden’ with soft-leaf buffalo turf, which is a type of grass very easy to look after, and is nice and soft to the touch at the same time. What’s more, Jason thinks that even the nicest and softest bedding cannot compare to it!

And don’t worry about the maintenance of this grassy memory foam because it’s a piece of cake:

All you really need to keep this grass daybed in great shape is a good pair of sheers and a watering can!

“It’s fine that it looks good, but the most important thing is how does it feel?” Jason says. “I’m pleased to report it’s a 10 out of 10.”

Now, isn’t this a perfect excuse to wear your sunscreen to bed? Or to leave your shoes on? Or…

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