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Sometimes we get too obsessed with weight that at some point in our life we lose track what healthy and what anorexic or overweight means. Therefore, there has to be a way to calculate how much pounds would mean being lean enough. Since the weight of your sister or your husband is incomparable to your own, you have the chance now to calculate the weight that would be perfect for you.

We offer you an individual approach to calculate your weight, accordingly to your height and sex. It is always for the best to check your weight according to the weight chart for women or weight chart for men, before committing to any diets, fads, or unhealthy programs.

That way you can always go back to the weight loss calculator and check your weight loss progress. The chart is customized for people who are 18 years old and over.

Nevertheless, you should always have in mind that the number of the scale doesn’t have to mean everything because it isn’t always equal to your appearance. A person with the same weight can look differently because of the different shape that particular weight can be shaped.

If you exercise, the scale may show bigger numbers, but you can be in a better shape than if you do not exercise and the scale shows lower numbers. That shouldn’t be an obstacle for you, so you have to eradicate the picture that you have in your mind, which is the number on the scale and being healthy connection. Also, we offer a height weight chart, which is going to calculate the ideal body weight for man and women.

Once you calculate your ideal weight according to the ideal weight chart, you will be in one of these three possible groups: underweight; normal (healthy) weight; obese (overweight), or very obese. The height and weight chart will also show if your weight and height are in accordance.

Weight Calculator


Being underweight is as concerning as being overweight; even though some people may find this not as something they should pay attention to. People who are underweight do not give their body the proper nutrition, the proper vitamins and minerals as they should and that is the reason for many issues they might have.

Being underweight has to be changed and turned into normal, healthy weight. It will be quite useful if you ask for advice from a certified nutritionist how to gain weight in a healthy way. That way you wouldn’t put on fat, but only lean muscle that will show a bigger number on the scale, but you will have a better body shape.

2. Normal weight

This is the second, optimal and most wanted outcome on the scale. People with normal weight are doing something right which leads them to have this outcome. To maintain being in this group of healthy individuals, you should eat a balanced diet and combine it with exercise. A proper and disciplined way of living, having healthy meals every day while skipping the junk food, is a secure way to have healthy weight.

3. Overweight

The third and the most unwanted group that you should find yourself in is the one of being overweight, or even obese. This means that something is very wrong with your diet, and might even lead to various health issues. People who are overweight have an increased risk of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even heart attack.

Make sure that if you are in the group of overweight people you immediately do something to lose weight and be healthier. Adopting a healthy diet rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins while exercising daily will lead you to a healthier, fitter and happier version of yourself with an ideal body weight.

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