How To Inhale Himalayan Salt To Rid Your Body of Harmful TOXINS And Inflammation


Himalayan salt is well known for its benefits and it’s strongly recommended in your daily diet. It’s no secret that Himalayan salt is much healthier than regular table salt and this is due to the fact that Himalayan salt is easily absorbable, it contains natural elements and minerals which match the ones found in the human body and it’s also famous for its antibacterial, antifungal properties which do most of the wonders for us.

Himalayan salt’s minerals are in an ionic state, meaning that our body absorbs them better and easily. Lately, we all read or hear about this salt therapies which are extremely beneficial for our lungs and respiratory system as well as great for people with bronchitis, allergies and congestion and the news it’s spread with one purpose only, it’s genuinely true.

Introducing Salt Therapy

Even though salt room are huge at the moment in America, it origin dates back in the ancient times when the Greeks as well as the Eastern European countries were implementing salt therapies for their respiratory problems.

Salt mines were the places to go when facing some lung or respiratory problem, just because of the enormous benefits that salt mines had to offer. However, it’s new for us to come across salt rooms in just about every corner of the streets.

This ancient method of healing and dealing with the respiratory problems has turned out to be more than successful and nowadays people can take full advantage of the salt rooms by visiting one in the nearest wellness club or a special salt room popping in every city.

So, instead of throwing great amounts of money to splurge yourself with a salt room, you can always take full advantage of your Himalayan salt and prepare yourself a home-made inhaler for every member of the family.

How to Make a Himalayan Salt Inhaler

You can easily find Himalayan salt at almost every grocery shop. However, nowadays there are so many products based on Himalayan salt, mainly because of the enormous health benefits which Himalayan salt has on the human body.

From removing bacteria and toxins to cleansing the body and making it more healthy and vital. Some of the Himalayan salt products include slabs, rocks, blocks, ground salt for cooking, lamps, coarse salt for the bathroom and now, your own home-made Himalayan salt inhaler.

Purchase a ceramic inhaler, the plastic ones are not recommended. Place the Himalayan rocks as said on the package directions. Remember that an inhaler is not something that you share with your brothers and sisters.

Every member should have their own personal inhaler, because you’re inhaling through the mouth where most of the bacteria is being formed.

How to use the Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Once you’ve prepared your inhaler, it’s time to put it into use. Put the mouth piece of the inhaler in your mouth and breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose. So, how does the inhaler work?

Once you start inhaling deep breaths you will bring the salt ions into your lungs. Since the ions are tiny, they go straight to our lungs, they are easily absorbed and later on, are brought into the bloodstream. The inhaler is used for dry therapy and water mustn’t be added to the inhaler.

Imagine what this can do for your lungs as well as for your respiratory problems. The salt helps you get rid of inflammation and fight many medical conditions, including pneumonia, asthma and bronchitis.

In fact, Himalayan salt inhaler will ease your problems on a long-term. So, the real expectations are that it won’t help you since day one. However, on a long-term, you’ll feel the results of the salt with its regular use, without you noticing.

So, even though the changes happen later on, the results and the effect of Himalayan salt inhaler on your health is inevitable.

Taking Care of your Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Remember, sharing is not caring in this case in particular. Like mentioned previously, every family member should own their own personal inhaler. Follow the cleaning and maintenance directions exactly as listed on the inhaler package.

Open the round plastic stopper, in case you want to refill your inhaler with salt. First, empty the old, used salt and refill it with new, coarse Himalayan crystal salt. Place the stopper back in its place and prepare your inhaler for your next use.

Himalayan salt is the only ingredient you need for this purpose, any other additional fillings will only disrupt the function of Himalayan salt.

Health benefits of Himalayan Salt Inhaler

This simple inhaler can do wonders for your health. Himalayan salt is famous for its antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

Once you inhale the salt, it goes straight into your lungs and once the lungs absorb the salt, it starts to work on the benefits such as reducing the inflammation and prevent conditions such as colds, allergies, congestion, hay fever, asthma and sinus congestion.

This Himalayan salt inhaler can only be beneficial and never causes any side-effects, which is a great news if we compare it with the other traditional inhalers.

Here are some of the health benefits of this inhaler:

  • it can reduce the swollen, red nasal passages
  • reduces excessive mucous
  • salt is in general a natural expectorant
  • reduces coughing and post nasal drip
  • eases sleeping at night
  • reduces inflammation and irritation in the lungs
  • reduces the harmful effects from pollution and smoking
  • provides you with 84 natural elements and minerals which match the ones found in the human body
  • removes bacteria, toxins and cleanses the body from harmful compounds

Himalayan salt inhaler is extremely easy to use and also you can find it in almost every grocery shop. Making your own Himalayan salt inhaler will ease your respiratory problems and reduce the inflammation and irritation in the lungs. It’s definitely worth the try!


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