Kate Upton’s Diet, Workout Plan And Motivation

Kate Upton is one of the best-looking models in the industry. She launched her career back in 2012, with an appearance on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Soon enough, she became very famous – this year she appeared three times on different editions of Sports Illustrated.

Currently, as she is preparing for a big wedding with her fiancée Justin Verlander. Due to this and various other reason, she has started paying more attention to creating a perfect figure, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Many may wonder what Kate’s diet plan actually looks like, and what her fitness routine consists of.

Here are some insights.

When creating her diet plan, Kate Upton set a priority on improving her overall health condition. Nutrition is the essence of staying healthy, and she took that fact quite seriously. Every single meal that Kate consumes includes servings of lean protein, which is crucial for keeping your muscles, skin and hair healthy, and strengthening the immune system as a whole.

She has her food delivered by a meal service. Every meal she purchases contains between six and eight ounces of lean protein in combination with salads and vegetables. Sometimes, she eats white meat, again with a salad, but never red meat. According to Ben Bruno, a famous celebrity trainer, Kate consumes all food categories, but only limited products from each. Furthermore, from the meat group, she primarily chooses chicken and fish, or rice from the unprocessed carbs group.

The essential role of Kate’s Diet

One of the key rules that Kate follows is something everyone should do: she does not consume almost any form of sugar in her regular diet. The same goes for processed food. As she explains, there are moments when she decides to treat herself, but never with more than one “bad” item. She would never combine in the same meal something sweet and a glass of wine – she chooses one award and then stops. You can see her having a doughnut in the middle of her exercise routine – that’s something to think about implementing!

Her focus is on keeping a balance. She would rather treat herself with a small thing at instances, than having a cheat day then when she would consume thousands of calories at once. Actually, taking into consideration her intense work out plan, she can definitely afford a little delicacy from time to time.

Kate’s Fitness Plan

Reppin @britneyspears #workbitch @benbrunotraining ・・・ Kate Upton (@kateupton) crushes some heavy landmine bench squats with great technique. Strong! Taller lifters, and particularly those with proportionally longer femurs, tend to struggle to stay upright with traditional squats and often default to folding forward, which puts a lot of undue strain on the lower back. Using the landmine helps to stay more upright to protect the lower back, and the arc of the bar helps encourage more of a posterior weight shift to work the glutes more while also taking stress off the knees. As an added bonus, loading in this manner is also a great way to work the anterior core and upper back. Squatting to a bench serves the dual purpose of being a depth gauge to ensure a full range of motion while also helping to aid with form.

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When it comes to her fitness routine, there is one main rule: constant improvement. Her trainers have created a program that gradually advances in intensity, and changes the variety of exercises, so her body figure improves continuously. She begins her day with easier warm up workouts such as stretching, lunges or cross band walks. Then, she continues her training with a series of strength building exercises, and leaves the cardio workout for later in the afternoon.

At least one or two hours per day are reserved for strength training. As her trainer Bruno explains, she is very persistent and there is no difference in her devotion and that of the athletes he trains. At the beginning of the fitness plan, she was able to pull only approximately 180 pounds. After 8 months of training, that number rose to an incredible 500 pounds.

The strength training has helped Kate to increase her stamina so much so that she is no longer the same person that she was when she appeared the public for the first time.

Her afternoon training routine is more diversified than the morning one, and she usually completes it without taking any breaks. She starts with dead lifts and hip trusts, continues with lunges and sled pulls. Near the end, she always includes a session of cardio and conditioning exercises, which often include weighted sled pulls and pushes.

The numbers that Ben Bruno has reported for People’s Magazine are quite impressive– after a year and a half of consistent training with him, Kate is now able to do sled pushes with more than 500 pounds, to do bear crawls with more than 300 pounds and to dead lift with 200 pounds.

Life changes that make you healthier and stronger

Perfect way to start my day! #morningyoga @aloyoga

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The first step towards creating a healthy and strong body was changing her mindset when it comes to working out. As she stated in many of her interviews, the reconstruction of her old training routine and the new focus on weight exercises, not only increased her strength, but made her feel great about her body and worry less about people’s judgements. She started perceiving her body as a machine.

Kate and Harley 

Kate is famous for her competitive spirit and self-inspiration; she is extremely devoted to having a perfect appearance. She and Chelsea Handler love to compete during their workout.

If you go and visit Kate during her training, you will see there a very welcomed guest – her dog Harley (you can learn more about him on his personal Instagram page). He is a faithful companion in most of her activities. They often go hiking after the morning exercises. Including a partner in exercising, whether it is a human or animal, always helps in keeping one motivated, so Kate insists on Harley being close to her. They have the cutest pics available on her social media accounts.

No Magic Needed

There is no need to search for a magic tool that will help you keep in shape. There is no miracle that helped Kate Upton or any other super model to look fabulous. The formula is simple: hard work, commitment and motivation. Make sure to set your goals and make a detailed plan, but never forget to pay attention to safety and exactness in doing your weight exercises. Taking Kate as an example and following her lead is an excellent place to start.

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