The Natural Healthy Team Keto Diet Review

Many people are talking about the Natural Healthy Team Keto Diet and about its benefits so I decided to make a review explaining what the Natural Healthy Team Ketogenic Diet really is how you can take the most out of it.

First of all, ketogenesis means that your body is consuming energy only from your body fats and not your sugar.

To achieve the ketogenic state you must clean your body from glucose and consume nothing but fat calories. Some may call this diet an Atkins diet but generally is the same thing.

This diet was originally developed to treat epileptic children and it proved to be successful on many patients because of its molecular regenerative benefits. Now, many people are using this diet also for weight loss, strength and endurance because it gives the body unlimited sources of energy.

If you want to try this diet for weight loss you must first ask your doctor because some people can get sicknesses from a large portion of fat calories. 

Except for weight loss, this diet can also repair your DNA and fix any skin related allergies. Some research centers are also stating that it’s very helpful for cancer treatment, however there are no official studies proving that keto dieting can kill cancer completely.

For entering a state of ketosis, you must avoid all kinds of sugar drinks and carbs. Your meals will be mostly made of protein fat calories from meat and vegetables.

Natural Healthy Team has done a great job explaining all the benefits of this diet so if you are still not sure about trying it you should definitely read their article in the link above.

Keto meal plan

There are many smart ways to consume fat calories if you don’t want to waste a lot of time cooking. However, it’s very important that you consume fresh organic vegetables with every meal of the day. As an alternative to chicken or beef fats you can also consume whey protein or MCT oil powder. This depends solely on your time availability and cooking skills.


What a better way to start your day with some fish calories? Sardines are very high in fat but they also contain a lot of vitamin A and omega 3. There are few different breakfast options, however here are those that Natural Healthy Team strictly recommends:

  • Sardines
  • Oil powder
  • Any vegetables you like


Your lunch should be the most important ketogenic meal of the day. It does not matter how much fat calories you’ll consume here as long as you are experiencing ketosis. If you are usually becoming very hungry before dinner, that’s because your lunch needed some extra calories.

Here are all the lunch options:

  • Beef, pork, chicken or fish
  • Vegetables (Lettuce, Broccoli)
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Coconut oil


According to Natural Healthy Team, the keto dinner should be a large salad with less fat proteins. This way you can even increase the body fat burn over the night since your body will need a lot of energy to fully regenerate till the next morning.

  • Salad
  • Feta cheese
  • Little bit of chicken or 2 eggs

That’s all you should know about Keto, for more info visit Natural Healthy Team.

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