How To Practice Shiatsu To Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Shiatsu is a Japanese-invented bodywork that has been long in use to reduce the symptoms of conditions such as distress and anxiety. This finger-and-hand pressure massage is used to apply a healing pressure to certain points on your body, which then is transmitted throughout the body.

Here below we focus on two types of finger-pressure: the first one is aimed at reducing anxiety whereas the second one is an excellent technique for stress reduction and body-and-mind refreshing.

  1. How to reduce anxiety with the finger pressure method

What is anxiety?

The condition of anxiety is described in medicinal literature as a feeling of nervousness, extreme worrying, or a feeling of unease; it is usually felt when an imminent event is pending, or something with a doubtful outcome for you.

If you often feel these surges of anxiety, you know that they can hinder your everyday activities or duties, so you’d better learn how to fight it. People who have learned and applied this easy massage therapy of their hands are assertive about its benefit: they all claim that the acupressure has helped them to sleep both longer and faster!

Study carefully the picture below and try the method out. Take our word for it: the benefits of the massage are imminent to come, and the anxiety is imminent to vanish.

  1. How to reduce stress with the finger pressure method

The condition of stress is defined as a state of emotional or mental strain (or tension) as a result of adverse or very demanding circumstances. Similarly to being hit by an anxiety surge, being under a lot of stress can make you less efficient or even unable to come up with smart solutions to your complicated circumstances.

So, if you are under a lot of stress on a daily basis, you focus on three points to reduce this stress and irritability while breathing deeply all the while:

1. To make acupressure on your face, you should press the “bridge” inside your nose with 2 fingers on each side. The pressure should be made for 1 minute.
Your breathing should be deep and steady.

acupuncture points for anxiety and panic attacks

2. To make acupressure on your palm, you should close your fist and simply apply an inner short pressure on your palm that is right where your center finger stands.Your breathing should be deep and steady.

acupuncture points for anxiety and insomnia

3. To make acupressure on your foot, you should press upward making short strokes around the top of your foot (more precisely it is the area between your first and your second toe). Again your breathing should be deep and steady.

acupressure points for anxiety and nervousness

After each session of this massage, you will feel much more relaxed, stress-free and well-balanced.

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