Make Your Garden Private With These Lovely Plant Ideas

Whether you love or hate your neighbors, you most certainly need space for your own adventures with your family that you do not want to share with the sometimes-nosy neighbors. Your garden can be a simple example of how to build your own privacy.

If you are lucky, the neighbors will like it and follow your example; if not, you might want to try something better. Some plants can provide you the best privacy in the world that you only see in cartoons.

Certain plants can make you feel like you are a part of a big forest and we are going to give you great examples that you can incorporate in your own garden. These so-called privacy hedges have a lot of benefits, including:

  • They create a sound barrier and reduce noise;
  • They protect you from harsh winds;
  • They provide privacy from neighbors and street traffic as well;
  • They reduce snow and act as a living snow fence.

Let mother nature solve all your privacy issues with these different examples that can save you from moving in another neighborhood. There are all kinds of plants that you can adjust to create a green garden.

You can either put plants in movable containers or plants that can grow over a structure, it is up to you. If you need privacy all throughout the year, go for evergreens. If you do not need privacy during the winter months, use plants that drop their leaves in the winter.

Here are some examples of how you can get some privacy with plants:

  1. Ornamental grass


You can see an example of ornamental grass that you can use as a privacy fence, especially if you live in a neighborhood where all the houses are close together. If you want to enjoy your patio, but every time you go out your neighbor uses his patio as well, try using ornamental grass that will keep your privacy during the warm seasons.

  1. Dwarf English Laurel


If you are not quite satisfied with the previous one, which reminds of a cartoon bushy castle, you can also try the Dwarf English Laurel. This evergreen shrub can be a great solution for you if you need a low informal hedging. This shrub has glossy dark green foliage on a compact and broadly spreading form. It grows tight and dense and it will give you complete privacy from your neighbors. When this shrub is in full bloom, it looks lovely with clusters of small but fragrant white flowers that can brighten your garden.

  1. Bamboo


Bamboo is great, but also massive if you plant it in the ground and it requires a lot of maintenance. It will go wild and you will not be able to control its growth. However, luckily for you, not all kinds of bamboo are invasive. Fargesia bamboos, for instance, grow much more slowly than the other massive counterparts. Fargesia bamboos grow fast, they are evergreen and hardy. If you don’t find this type of bamboo, try planting clumping bamboo or plant it in pots. In this way, you can easily move your privacy screen anywhere you want.

  1. Flowering privacy wall


If you wouldn’t like anything green like the above-mentioned plants, but you are a fan of colors and spring, go for this type of lovely flowering wall. There are plenty “Living Wall” planter products that are available for purchasing. However, although you are a fan of colorful flowers, don’t forget that they will last only for three seasons and they will be gone in the winter.

  1. Pleaching


 This tree art is a specific style of growing trees in a usually straight line, where branches are tied together and clipped to form a flat plane above the bare trunks. Basically, it is a matter of putting plants together to form a single unit. In this way, your garden will stay open, but still no one could peak inside.

  1. Fruit trees


Would you like to have an edible privacy screen? Your family and friends will most likely find it delicious! In this photo, you can see fruit trees that have been espaliered onto a trellis in planters. What you also get here is the lovely blossoms during the spring which will give your garden a new look every season.

  1. Emerald green ‘Arborvitae’


These hedge trees are very easy to grow and are perfect for tight areas. They are typical for the western U.S and are great for a year-round screening. They have a shimmering emerald color and great disease resistance, which makes them popular evergreens. You just need to plant a hedge of them or group 3-5 in one corner in your small yard.

  1. Horsetail plants


You can also use modern plants to make a privacy wall. For instance, these horsetail plants can work excellent for a privacy wall and they will also give a great architectural statement in your garden.

  1. Vertical garden


Make this amazing vertical garden for little money with the help of climbing plants and garden netting. This is a lovely idea if you live in an urban area because the plants are planted in pots and you get greenery in the surrounding families as well.

  1. English Ivy


This plant is an evergreen perennial that is also a climbing vine attaching to barks of trees, brickwork or other surfaces. You can easily use this in your urban area and have a year-round privacy screen that has a distinct English look.


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