Here Is How To Make Your Spinach Last 20 Times Longer

Yes, it is possible and very easy indeed to freeze your freshly picked spinach without blanching or cooking it!

In the next lines I am going to show you how I first triple-washed 2 batches of spinach for my Easter fasting mission, and then how I succeeded to freeze about 12 cups of spinach for future fresh or cooked meals, whatever.

My family and I cut quite a lot from a local non-profit garden, called the Lord’s Acre, within the community where we live. You guess that this “altruistic garden” provides organic produce (that is fruits and vegetables) to the unfortunate and needy in the community. They also offer garden and food-growing training to all interested ages for their own benefit.

Now, guess how I am going to help with their mission?

This summer season, I’m gladly sharing my own ways to preserve this gorgeous food that is growing abundantly in the garden and I quote a number of recipes to cook delicious meals right by the garden side.

Doesn’t this sound intriguing and fun for you my dear reader? For maybe you, just like me, also have a green thumb and are fond of gardening, or have your own lavish garden, so you can gather some useful ideas to preserve your sweat and toil.

Short spinach nutritional profile

The spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), manganese, folate, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, protein, and choline.

The spinach is also a great way to get vitamin A, which is important for eye and skin, into your diet — a 1-cup serving of spinach provides 56 % of your recommended daily intake (RDI).

Why freeze your spinach veggie?

  • Freezing preserves fresh spinach from going bad fast
  • Freezing  preserves overabundance from your garden
  • Freezing  helps you creatively sneak in extra-nutrition for your picky devourers
  • Freezing  helps you enjoy your freshly picked spinach (with more nutrients) when it is out of season

I hope this advantages list inspires you to take advantage of sales, buy in bulk, bite off more than you can chew at your local farmer’s market (by knowing you can freeze it) and also give away some of it to others in need because you’ll have plenty for you! Sharing is caring, right?

Freshly torn and frozen

After I have pinched off the large stems from the collection box above, I submerged it in a sink full of water. Then I dunked, swirled and dunked some more to remove debris and bugs.

I did this three times to ensure cleanliness. By the time I had swirled it in the water, it pretty much torn itself into bite-size pieces and I was ready to spin the excess water off with the salad spinner. Likewise, spinach can be placed on a large bath towel on your counter to dry.

The rest of the spinach was placed in quart size freezer bags in 2-cup portions. Large pieces of spinach can be cut with kitchen shears or run a chef knife through it before cooking.

Frozen pureed

Did you know that spinach can also be pureed with some water in a blender?

This is the way to do it:
Add just enough water to get the blender going. This is a great way to boost nutrition in soups, sauces and cooked meatballs, meatloaves or burgers. It is a sneaky thing for picky eaters. Then simply freeze the puree in ‘snack-size bags’ squeezing the air out or ice cubes trays or baby food containers.

This fresh spinach also makes awesome recipes for:

  • marinara sauce (chopped or pureed for those picky guzzlers)
  • chicken and spinach enchiladas (chopped)
  • homemade pizza topped with spinach (chopped)
  • Italian meatballs (chopped or pureed)
  • cheese spinach bites (chopped)
  • tortellini soup (chopped)
  • no boil manicotti with spinach (chopped or pureed in the sauce)
  • Western omelet (chopped)
  • Southwest egg rolls (chopped)
  • Homemade spinach tortillas (pureed)

You need the spinach? Just thaw the spinach in a plastic shoe box overnight in the refrigerator and use just like store-bought spinach in your favorite fresh or cooked recipes! Here below is one fresh:

Fresh Strawberry-Spinach Salad Recipe


  • 12 cups of freshly picked spinach
  • freshly picked strawberries
  • poppy seed dressing to taste
  • some juice syrup to taste


1. Wash thoroughly the spinach and strawberries to eliminate pesticide residues.

2. Mix well the ingredients and sprinkle it with your favourite juice syrup.

3.Enjoy it in one go!

A tip: To increase the non-heme iron absorption from this vegetarian source, include a little vitamin C doze.
Just squeeze some lemon juice over this fabulous salad and that will do the trick!