This Man Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World

When did it all start?

Back in 2006, a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. But, although Paul is the world’s leading mycologist (mycology is the branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi, including their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy and their use to humans as a source for tinder, medicine, food, and entheogens, as well as their dangers, such as poisoning or infection), his patent has received very little attention and exposure so far.

Why is that?

As stated by the executive officers in the pesticide industry, this patent represents a most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed!  And when the executives say disruptive, what they actually mean is ‘disruptive to the chemical pesticides industry.’

So, what has Paul discovered that has been called disruptive?

The mycologist has found out how to use Mother Nature’s own creations to keep insects away from destroying crops. Now this discovery is what is being called SMART PESTICIDES. The uniqueness of these pesticides is that they provide safe and almost permanent solution to the control of over 200,000 species of insects – and here we come to the point: It is all thanks to the ‘magic’ of mushrooms!

Paul has reached this difficult goal by taking entomopathogenic fungi (fungi that destroy insects that is) and alters them so that they do Not produce spores. In turn, this actually attracts the insects, which then eat the fungi and turn into fungi from the inside out!


This patent has obviously the potential to revolutionize the way farmers cultivate crops once it reaches the masses worldwide! Because, to tolerate the use of standard pesticides in modern agriculture means to be blind of the gravid evidence which is proving its toxic effects on the environment.

You will all agree that such ignorance cannot be tolerated a minute longer! For instance, can you imagine a world without bees?

Monsanto’s chemical concoctions, which are being abundantly sprayed all over farmers’ fields, are attributed to the large-scale bee demise. And, while a large number of countries in the world are banning Monsanto’s products, it continues to be used in countries which are still unaware of its great dangers.

And, to indifferently say that new methods need to be implemented in agriculture before it is too late is in fact an understatement! It should have been done yesterday!

Here are the facts: Monsanto generates $16 billion dollars per year (as reported in 2014), therefore you can be certain they do Not want anything “disrupting” this enormous flow of revenue. Such bulky income gives them nearly boundless resources and abilities to stop any information that may be damaging their reputation and earnings.

What can be done about this?

By becoming educated and well-informed on the benefits of growing sustainable, organic, and bio-dynamic food, boycotting GMO and herbicide-sprayed crops for some period of time, the ‘corporate monster’ may soon enough ‘get the message.’

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