Motivating Yourself to Exercise 101: Think Slim!

Weight loss is one of the most common goals people set for themselves. It’s about being healthy and preventing potential health problems, but it’s also about so much more. Body image is also connected to your sense of self-worth and for many people, it’s a way to feel in control over their bodies and their achievement.

It’s also a very rewarding goal to set because it’s possible to feel and see the progress in real time and cherish the accomplishments you have made.

Know why you’re doing it

It may seem like a philosophical point, but it actually has practical and real value in creating an exercise routine and a diet regime. Only if you know what compelled you to change your daily habits and start working out, you can adjust that workout to the goal you’ve envisioned.

It’s important to note that there are (almost) no wrong reasons to start taking care of yourself. Deciding to take action because of your health or because of your body image are equally valid reasons. The only difference is how you set the metric for success in these cases.

Create a routine

Making exercise a part of your daily routine is the only way to stick to your goals and actually see the change you’re aspiring to. Make the plan as detailed as you can and organize your routine for months in advance, but make sure to track your changes on a daily basis.

This is important because it allows you to follow your progress and make changes if you notice that a certain part of the routine doesn’t suit you or doesn’t bring results. It’s also a motivating factor because breaking a chain can seem like a failure.

Find support

Involve people in your life in the decision to get fit. They will provide you with some much-needed support and help you get through the rough patches and that experience could only bring you closer together. It’s fine if a workout buddy is more (or less) fit than you are, as long as the competitiveness doesn’t go too far.

Hiring a professional trainer from Gym to You or a similar service is another great option. They will make sure you’re honest with your workouts and let you know when you need to take it easy and give yourself a break.

Reward yourself

Making a change in your life, especially the one as personal as living healthy is quite difficult. You have every reason to be proud of the progress you’ve made and to find a way to reward yourself for it. The simplest way to do it so have cheat days during which you can indulge in any unhealthy activity you want.

Also, if you sometimes need a bigger and more noticeable reward for a significant milestone – there’s nothing wrong with having a little trip or going shopping. It’s okay to treat yourself.

What to expect

You have to be aware that perfection is not going to be the option. Regardless of how hard you try and how good you are, there’s going to be a couple of failures along the way. That’s why you need to set a realistic expectation and to factor in the mistakes as well.

For instance, try going for 80/20 rule, meaning that you expect to have at least 20 percent of days when you don’t meet your expectation and do less than you wanted – if you manage to keep it at 20 – you‘re fine.

Motivation is often the hardest part about being fit. Set realistic goals, leave yourself room to fail and try to do your best every day.

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