WHY Pharmacy Doesn’t Want You To know About This Cheap And Natural Remedy Against Cancer!

There are two sad truths about people suffering from terminal ailments like cancer. The truth in case one is sadder than the other.It is a fact that people fighting cancer are often pushed to undergo severe procedures like surgery, radiation or the worst procedure called a chemotherapy. T

he second truth is that natural cures exist, but for the sake of the money-growing pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy won’t allow preventing or curing cancer, but treating cancer to make enormous profits.

Instead of helping those susceptible people, Pharmacy prolongs their chemo-treatments where the future is unknown or even impossible by treating them with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the most terrible, inhuman way of slowly murdering people in agony.

Chemotherapy is promoted as the only promising cure for cancer

But a study that was published in 2003 has shown that chemotherapy did no good to appalling 97% of the time. The result of the research was that chemotherapy caused damage to healthy cells, it attacks them to grow into cancer at a rapid rate, but the medical community still imposes chemotherapy as the only promising cure.

Dr. Hardin B. Jones was among the many researchers who dedicated their life to studying this problem, whose study took more than 25 years to finally prove his claim that chemotherapy works the opposite way of what was meant to be the cure.

As a result of the chemotherapy, the patients who were part of the study died. Their lives who underwent chemotherapy were short and they had an agonizing death. His conclusion was that chemotherapy shortens a patient’s life.

His conclusion is that pharmaceutical industry does this deliberately and consciously to keep the profits coming within the industry. This is what makes the industry powerful. The truth is that, all those people who bravely refused chemotherapy and turned to natural resources that cure cancer are today happy people who testify against the chemotherapy as the only solution that makes cancer seem curable ailment.

Natural, unconventional ways of curing cancer DO exist

Grape seed extract is considered to be the wonder remedy that destroys cancer cells 100% within short period of time. The extract is sold at the stores for healthy foods as 50 mg or 100 mg capsules.

The consumers should take a dosage of 150 mg to 300 mg on a daily basis. Also, the grape seed extract is found in most of the wines.

That is why the moderate consumption of wine is recommended as it prevents from cancer. Grapes contain vitamin K and C and rich in antioxidants.With only 100 calories per cup, grapes are a great source of vitamins K and C and are loaded with antioxidants and flavonols (commonly found in berries).

The alternatives to cure cancer exposed in public finally

Natural drugs that efficiently treat cancer exist. Many studies that were written about them, but people couldn’t access them. Everyone pretends they don’t know the natural remedy that cures cancer in 24 hours, even cancer that spreads at an alarming rate.

The healing benefits of grape seed extract were the target of a research, that was carried out by researchers from the University of Kentucky. It was found that the grape seed extract kills cancer cells up to 76%, 24 hours from the start of the treatment, which was tested in a lab. 

The protein known as JNK in grape seed extract is the key protein that has the contrary effect of the chemotherapy. It causes no side effects to healthy cells, but attacks the cancer cells that are most immune to chemotherapy.

 This research was supported by Molly Derry, who a doctoral candidate from the University of Colorado lab. As the phases number increases, the dose of the chemotherapy increases proportionately, but its positive effect decreases as the phases proceed.

But in the case of grape seed extract treatment of cancer, it showed that less than the half amount of the extract is needed in the fourth phase to kill 50 % of the cells and to limit their growth, than it was necessary in the second phase to get nearly similar results.

It happens that chemotherapy sometimes treats specific cells mutations and not others, thus the cancer spreads on other parts. The protein JNK in grape seed extract treats all the generic mutations equally, making this curing alternative more efficient.

The scientist Molly Derry added that traditional therapies were ineffective in the fight against cancer cells mutation, which resulted in death.

Grape seed extract is different because the cells become susceptible and easily destroyed within 24 hours. The parallel consumption of grape seed extract and chemotherapy would reduce the side effects of the latter.

The cancer industry and science show two different claims about cancer being incurable disease. It is horrible when the cancer industry continually alarms about cancer growing into Pandemic as opposed to science that gives hope to humanity by insisting on looking for the hidden remedy in the nature.

Science has been publishing articles persuading people that it is no deadly disease anymore if treated with natural efficient ways which unfortunately are not exposed to the public.

Don’t even hope that your oncologist would share this horrific truth about the chemotherapy and the grape seed extract. They won’t risk losing their medical licence for offering unconventional ways of treating cancer, which in fact do exist.