6 Scientific Reasons Why You Should Never Put Heinz Ketchup On Your Food AGAIN!

Heinz Ketchup

Who wouldn’t want to order some French fries, a delicious burger followed by a delicious ketchup (preferably Heinz Ketchup) and mayonnaise? Mmm…I’m craving for one happy meal right now, however knowing some facts and revealing the hidden truth about the ingredients of Heinz ketchup, I’m not sure if my stomach will be as happy as the meal.

We rarely have the habit to take a product, read the ingredients and do a little research about what the ingredient list actually means. Well, I think that now is the right time to do that- especially since the market has become such an unsafe and overloaded with contaminated products and processed food.

Let’s take Heinz ketchup for instance. We are all aware of the fact that we are not eating organic tomatoes or we are aware of the fact that besides the tomatoes, there are some other ingredients, however we have never even though about the importance of those “other” ingredients.

If you have a bottle of Heinz ketchup stored in your fridge right now, you will notice the following list of ingredients:

  • Tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes
  • Distilled vinegar
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Corn syrup
  • Salt
  • Spices
  • Onion Powder
  • Natural flavoring

Some of you are well familiar with these ingredients and some of you have no clue. Well, let’s go in depth, one by one and see what the meaning behind every single ingredient is:

1.Tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes

Yummy, tomatoes. Well, this phrase is actually sugarcoated. Meaning that the word “tomato” is used just for fun. This phrase means that they are using tomatoes which are worth almost nothing in nutrition or processed tomatoes and they are generally used just to add some flavor or taste of tomatoes, but the real truth is that we are eating garbage!

2. Distilled vinegar

This vinegar is nothing like the healthy vinegar, on the contrary, distillated vinegar is derived from GMO corn and bred with chemicals and pesticides. This doesn’t sound as delicious as we thought previously.

3. High fructose corn syrup and Corn syrup

These two ingredients can go under the same numbering just because they are equally dangerous. More people are doing some researches or are well read about the importance or the harmfulness of individual products. The truth is that we are eating High fructose corn syrup- GMO product, harmful, dangerous and not at all nutritive.

4. Salt

First of all, salt in general is unhealthy in great amounts and second of all, let’s not even mention the type of salt that is consisted in the Heinz ketchup. Salt with the lowest quality, which is in fact the cheapest on the market and notoriously famous for causing high blood pressure, mineral imbalance and toxicity in the blood. We can only suspect on the amount of salt used in the ketchup.

5. Onion powder

Another word for smell and taste of onion.

6. Natural flavoring

Is there something on Earth that is called “natural favoring”, because I only read it on products which are bottled and not at all organic. God knows what they are referring to.

If the above mentioned list didn’t convince you about the garbage called Heinz ketchup, let’s look through the additional scientific facts about the ingredients in question, which are the main ingredients of the Heinz ketchup.

Heinz Ketchup contains GMO ingredients!

Well, nobody told us about this, right? They will not label their precious bottle with GMO sign, especially not after the big fuss over GMO products and people becoming more aware of the meaning of this abbreviation. In fact, high fructose corn syrup is derived from genetically modified corn, which means that this ingredient can cause great damage to our well-being.

Another news that flew through the Internet, was connected with a research done by the FDA, which established that high levels of mercury are found in the corn syrup.

Harmless as it may sound, these ingredient can and will cause some serious and permanent damage to you and your family, including increase your blood sugar levels, cause cardiovascular diseases, lead to obesity, cause diabetes, lower the immune system, lead to autism, damage the nervous system and the list goes on and on.

No Nutritive Ingredientshigh-fructose-corn-syrup

If we don’t want to be too harsh about it, we may as well mention that Heinz ketchup contains 2% vitamin A and C. Not 1%, but 2%. That’s the real value of Heinz ketchup, meaning that there is no protein, minerals, vitamins and God forbid, fiber!

So, next time you want to add some ketchup to your meals, compare the 2% of vitamins to the amount of sugar and salt you intake with a single tablespoon.

Loaded with Harmful Ingredients

Vinegar can be useful and nutritive, however distilled vinegar is derived from GMO corn, bred with chemicals and pesticides. Loaded with salt and sugar and not a single ingredient which you can get hold on.

It’s time to really open your eyes and stop poisoning your body with GMO, toxic and dangerous product. A great amount of this ketchup can jeopardize your health and the health of your loved ones.

So, whenever your kid is crying over some ketchup, consider about a homemade one or an organic, non-GMO ketchup, which is available in every healthy food store or in the organic section of every market. Even though a homemade ketchup seems like a time-consuming activity, believe me, it’s not! It takes several minutes to blend some organic ingredients and get a healthy, high-in-nutrition mixture, which is as well delicious and tasty.

Nutrition value of Heinz Ketchup


NONE! In fact, a tablespoon of Heinz ketchup can inhale your sugar intake by 7% and increase your daily intake of sodium. Those 2% of vitamins are nothing after all.


Instead of buying, make your own homemade, Non-GMO ketchup:

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4 years ago

Onion powder is just dehydrated onions ground up. Actually onion powder can be a great flavour enhancer when you want to avoid the mainstream ones like MSG etc.

Not only is corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup from GMO corn it’s highly processed. It doesn’t come from sweet corn but the highly starchy dent corn and to break it down it has to be processed with lye. Just the fact it has hfcs and corn syrup makes it unhealthy. That along with the ‘fake’ vinegar which is only good for cleaning. Healthy vinegar like apple cider vinegar are so much better.

Homemade would be better and even better than that would be a fernented tomato ketchup.