11 Healthy Reasons Why Witch Hazel Should Be In Your Home

Witch hazel is not something that many people know about. It is a 100% natural and cheap delight for your body and you can find it in any drugstore.

Witch hazel, also known as winter bloom or spotted alder, is a flowering shrub named Hamamelis virginiana that grows in North America. Its twig, bark, and leaves have a big amount of tannins, which can be found in the natural astringents as they are able to dry, harden, and tighten tissues.The astringent witch hazel is of a clean smell, and is a very pleasant one.

If you have seen the witch hazel water the drugstores provide for as little as $2, it is the steam distillation of the above-mentioned leaves, twig, and the bark of the shrub.

This water has a deep history as it has been used by Native Americans in medicine for centuries, particularly for various skin issues and tumors.

The tradition that started from the Native Americans continues today by recognizing witch hazel as a cleanser, toner and a compulsory product to have at home.

We will point out 11 of the many ways to beneficially use witch hazel:

  1. It cures acne and oily skin

Are you tired of wasting money on expensive chemicals to “immediately clean your face”? Witch hazel is providing a gentle and natural clearing of your acne and oily skin as well. It is proven effective by many people worldwide.

  1. It cures a sore throat

In order to save your itching and hurting throat in a short period of time, you will need to make some tea from witch hazel bush. The procedure is very simple: Just soak some leaves in a very hot water cup. For taste, you can also add a few cloves to soak for about 15 minutes or more. Next, take of the solids and gargle with the tea you had made. The witch hazel is excellent for soothing and reducing the swelling. Say goodbye to that sore throat!

  1. It helps with bruises

It can help you get rid of bruises. All you need to do is to soak a small and thin cloth/towel in witch hazel and then put that on the bruise. Repeat the procedure for a couple of times a day until the bruise disappears. You can also use witch hazel for your shiner to speed the process of healing.

  1. It helps in post childbirth healing

Witch hazel can help in this period as it can be used as a perineum spray after a woman gives birth. If you make a tincture of witch hazel and some after birth herbs, you can use it in a spray bottle to soothe the pain. There are also witch hazel pads given by the hospital after birth, but you may also make them at home by just pouring natural witch hazel on organic cotton pads. You are not forbidden to add some other herbs or aloe as well.

  1. It reduces puffiness

Very often, your eyes can become puffy from the fact that you have been crying for hours or you didn’t have a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry, because witch hazel can help you out with this problem. What you need to do is soak two small-sized cotton pads in witch hazel so as to put them over your eyes. This helps because witch hazel is known to shrink blood vessels. Be careful not to put it directly into your eyes, so as not to cause dryness and pain.

  1. It reduces varicose veins appearance

This is particularly soothing for women who suffer from varicose veins. It is a natural and extra cheap way to deal with this problem. Just soak a thin cloth or a towel in witch hazel to lay it on your veins and to make compresses on the leg. This will help you release the veins discomfort.

  1. It can be used as an itch remedy

Witch hazel can be used for any type of itching, starting from the scratching you get from chicken pox, eczema, poison ivy, bug bites, or sunburn. Again, use a cloth or a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel and rub it on your skin. It will soothe your skin immediately. You can also make your own lotion to use at home.

  1. It can be used after hair-removal and against dandruff

Witch hazel helps both men and women as a follow-up to shaving hair from any part of the body, especially if you have had hot wax treatment. It acts anti-inflammatory, prevents razor burn, and stops bleeding from damaged hair follicles.

It can also be useful for your scalp and prevent or cure dandruff. If you use it as a pre-shampoo spray, it will also add shine and will significantly de-frizz your hair.

  1. It acts as a hemorrhoid relief

Hemorrhoids are a common and painful condition that people have to deal with. Witch hazel can help ease pain, swelling, bleeding or itching that comes with hemorrhoids. For home usage, prepare witch hazel with Aloe Vera gel and apply it for quick relief.

  1. It soothes diaper rash

Soothing pain from diaper rash is achieved thanks to the anti-inflammatory abilities witch hazel possesses. You can safely apply it on a regular basis to help the skin heal faster, so that your baby does not feel any discomfort for a long time. You can also combine it with aloe on cotton balls.

  1. It stops bleeding

As we mentioned shortly above, witch hazel provides faster skin healing because it tightens it. You can use it for small cuts or scrapes, or cleansing wounds before you put a bandage on, in order to stop the bleeding.

These are some of the many benefits you can get from witch hazel. You can find it as a cheap product in drugstores, but be careful not to choose a brand that contains too much alcohol, as it will cause even more irritation.