Review Of Arbonne Shake

Arbonne Shake is a meal replacement shake containing only vegan ingredients including rice and pea protein. It has 2 flavors – vanilla and chocolate, and one can mix it with water.

The most interesting ingredients of Arbonne Shake are the pf alfalfa leaf, coenzyme Q10, powder of ginseng root, and kelp powder.

The sugar amount reaches 9 grams that is quite high, even despite the fact that this is sugar cane. Arbonne Shake has 160 calories that exceeds the average value of other meal replacement products. 

Quality of Arbonne Shakes Protein

20 grams of Arbonne Protein Matrix Blend contain the following: pea protein isolate, cranberry and rice protein.

This product is being marketed as a vegan protein blend, which unlike other protein brands has lower volume of amino acids. Nevertheless, the manufacturer does not specify the exact amount of amino acid content. 

Cost of Arbonne Shake

A standard item provides you with 30 servings and the cost amounts to $69.99.

2 servings a day is recommended, thus, a bag is enough for 15 days. 

This meal replacement is declared to take clinical tests for glycemic index. Unfortunately, it is impossible to verify the truth of this declaration.

A meal replacement with good quality requires the following:

Customer feedbacks to reveal the unbiased effects.

High volume of amino acids in a protein source.

Approved researches showing its effectiveness.

These requirements have not been met. 

Doubtful Ingredients

Arbonne Shake has several potentially dangerous ingredients: sodium selenite and magnesium oxide. There is no information on possible side effects of both of these ingredients. They are known to have chemical use. 


The production of Arbonne Shake belongs to Arbonne International LLC. The sale of products is performed by the so-called Independent Consultants. The company gains commission from any other sales. 

Customer Feedbacks

There are many online reviews of this product. The most negative feedbacks relate to the taste characteristics. Another mentioned problem is a poor blending compared with other protein blends. 


This meal replacement has its place in the market due to the offer of plant protein compared with other products with dairy protein. The review of this shake brought the following findings: 

  • The protein cannot boast of good quality:
  • High sugar content, despite the company declares no problems related.
  • Side effects are caused by some ingredients.
  • There are no studies or testimonials to prove the claims.
  • Customers’ complains of the quality and taste.

Arbonne Shake contains 20 grams of protein with low amount of important amino acids.  Another disadvantage of this shake is high sugar content. The market offers many other effective meal replacement products, which are useful for losing weight.

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