Warning To All Parents: Rice Products Are Harmful For Your Children

Parents always want the best for their children, they buy the most expensive clothes, high quality baby care products and the healthiest food they can find on the markets.

Our markets, shops are fill with junk food, processed food and what is even more terrifying, suspicious food. With todays expansion of cheap food and mostly food which has no declaration from where it has come (such as fruits, vegetables), people have little control over what they buy and how safe it is.

Even though Food Agencies try to control most of it, there is still some overlap.

Rice products contain carcinogenic substance

The National Food Agency in Sweden has discovered that many rice products contain carcinogen arsenic and the level is too high. This fact was extremely alarming, since they announced the results after the examination of 120 products, which they all had high levels of these properties.

Many families use rice products in their daily diet and what is maybe the most concerning fact is that some baby formulas are based on this ingredient which can be fatal and cause cancer.

Moreover, food organizations advise adults and parents to avoid implementing rice as their major ingredient and also to avoid products which are made of rice or contain a smaller amount of rice, such as rice noodles, rice cereals, and rice porridge. It is best to cut down as much as you can and children should not consume it at all, especially rice cakes.

A toxicologist at the National Food Agency (NFA) said: “We already knew that rice contains arsenic. What we know now is that some products on the market contain fairly high levels of it.

Among other things, we have now advised against children under six eating rice cakes. For everyone else, rice cakes are ok in moderation, but it depends on the amount of rice products consumed overall.”

So, if you are a big fan of rice, try to cut down on its consumption. Nothing can harm your body if it`s in its normal limits, but if you exaggerate with something it can really harm your health. So, for you well-being, you better reduce rice intake as much as you can, because according to a study many rice products have contained arsenic above safety limits.(source)

Even though some researchers say that small quantities of the “notorious” products won`t harm you, others warn us that with a long term consumption we can cause cancer and harm child development.

What in fact is arsenic?

Arsenic is an element which has cancerogenic properties and with its exposure it can produce lung, skin, liver, kidney, prostate and bladder tumor. Baby formulas and rice food have shown to contain inorganic arsenic, which is one of the most dangerous and toxic poison found in our food.

A long term exposure to inorganic arsenic can cause liver damage, diabetes, neurological effects and cardiovascular disease. We can`t prevent arsenic from affecting our food, we can only control and reduce its influence. The quality of the rice, of course depends on the cultivation and preparation methods, and the area in which it is cultivated.

What can we do to prevent arsenic from harming our health?

We should definitely have control over what we eat and most importantly what our children eat. The rice industry must reduce arsenic levels as much as possible, especially in products for babies also there should be set a standard for arsenic for rice.

The industry should be also cautious of the agricultural practices such as pesticides which contain arsenic and fertilizers such as arsenic-laden manure.