Say Goodbye To Solarium – Australia Banned It Because Of Skin Cancer

Australia will ban all solariums with intention to reduce skin cancer. All regions in Australia banned or are planning to ban them.The Government of Queensland brought a decision that from 31 December 2014 all solariums will be forbidden, and every factory that produces them will be paid off completely.

Record number of patients – Australia is a country with the largest number with skin cancer patients. Skin cancer is the cause of 2000 deaths a year and is the most common type of cancer. This move is after others countries (New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania) took steps to ban solariums. Minister for health of Western Australia, Dr. Kim Desmond Hames, stated that this country will take all needed steps for this issue.


  • Studies showed that people who use solarium have 20 % more changes to develop melanoma, in comparison with those who don’t.
  • Those who use solarium (age up to 35) increased risk for 87 %
  • The number of those who got sick from melanoma (the deadliest skin cancer) doubles in the past decade.
  • Every year 13.000 British got sick from this disease and it caused 2.800 deaths
  • Brasil, Vermont and California are the first states which banned solariums, and then Australia started working on this issue.
  • In Great Britain young use solarium after they turn 18.