Here Is Why You Shouldn’t EAT When You Aren’t HUNGRY!

Nowadays there is so much availability of food that sometimes is difficult to decide what to eat. Can a lot of food really harm us?

Turns out it can! Our organism needs just the sufficient amount of food, balanced food diet is a healthy food diet. I`m not saying that you should only eat your fruits and vegetables, sometimes if you crave a bar of chocolate or a tasty doughnut spoil yourself with a little unhealthy snack, but do not overdo it.

You should always listen to the signs that your body gives you. Empty stomach means that it`s time for a meal. The point here is to know when you are hungry and when you are just craving for something juicy and tasty.

It`s difficult to control your food urges, especially when we are exposed to so many commercials which trigger hunger. I`m hungry just by the thought of those crispy potato chips which I saw last night on TV or I always crave for a creamy doughnut as I pass by the massive billboard on my way to work. It turns out that wherever I go, food is seducing me.


Then my reasonable self says” You had one yesterday, plus you just had your lunch”. Are we becoming food addicts? Well, in a way we are, why not try everything that is offered on the market?

How can we know what`s best for us?Why do we have those “ups” and “down” of our blood pressure?

According to David Gal, associate professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago and author of a study connected with this matter said, “When we`re not hungry, our body is not in a state when it`s prepared to absorb nutrients. When we`re hungry, we`re more receptive, or prepared physiologically, to absorb nutrients, including glucose.”

It seems that we should definitely control our constant urge to chew something. There has been an experiment done on 45 students, they were supposed to answer the question of their level or rate of hunger, just before eating a heavy meal.

Students who said that they weren`t that hungry showed higher blood sugar level after eating whereas the other part who answered that they are feeling hungry showed lower blood sugar level.

Probably most of us had that moment when we finished eating a full plate and after that craved for some desert of snacks, well that`s the moment when you should stop eating.

It`s ok to allow yourself some chocolate dessert after dinner of chew some snacks during movie night, but if that is your everyday practice it`s definitely a red flag!

If you keep elevating your blood pressure all the time, you can permanently cause raised average blood glucose level, measured by A1C test (according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases the normal A1C level is below 5.7 %). Moreover, people who constantly change their blood pressure have bigger chances and bigger risk of heart disease, said diabetes educator, Tami Ross for Everyday Health.

If you are not hungry, why do we eat?

Probably is due to the fact that we are constantly surrounded and exposed to food, hamburger commercials, delicious pizzas on the corner of your building, chocolate that melts in our mouth decorates almost every candy window.

How can we pass by this without buying one or even more?

We probably all had that feeling when we are not hungry, but if we see something delicious, we immediately get that urge to buy it. Another reason is as the University of Texas at Austin put it, healthy food is lighter and less filling so we eat more than we need.

It doesn`t look bright for us as it seems, delicious food is everywhere and we have little self-control when it comes to turning down anything that looks tasty.

So, how can we help ourselves? Gal advises to ignore those instant urges and to focus on what our body recommends or your internal food cues. “We eat a lot of the time not because we’re hungry, but because we see something that looks like it tastes good. We eat it almost automatically, because it’s in front of us,” said Gal.

It`s time to start to listen to what your body says, if you are hungry, eat, if you are not, try to kill that urge because as it seems it`s “killing” your body and it`s harmful for your health

How to control food cravings?

– Whenever you crave for a delicious chocolate cake, drink some coffee, because as it turns out caffeine kills your food desire

– Drink a lot of water! As a matter of fact, drinking two glasses of water before meals can lower your hunger and you won`t eat as much as you feel hungry.

– Eat healthy snacks! Nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnuts) are notoriously famous for its great nutritive values and they also give you that feeling of fullness.

– Think ahead! That unnecessary food is actually pointless, it doesn`t do you any good, on the contrary you will feel the result when you see your hips in those bikinis. Still craving for some food? I don`t!

– It is OK if once in a while we reward ourselves with a chocolate bar or pizza, but don`t overdo it. Buy smaller amounts of it, for instance don`t go for a 200g. of chocolate which your will probably end up eating it the whole thing, instead buy a small chocolate bar or slice of pizza. In this way, you won`t feel the pressure that you are cutting down on something and you won`t feel guilty after eating it.

– Distraction is the cure for every addiction. It was discovered that cravings last for ten minutes, this means that you must engage your brain into something else and forget about food for a while. Go wash the dishes, tidy your apartment, listen to music, chat with a friend or call somebody. I assure you that everything will go away in a minute.

– Sometimes we confuse fatigue for hunger. Just take a long nap, charge your batteries, after it you will feel happy about your choice and your body will benefit from it.