Disgusting Video Shows Shrimp Being Injected With Jelly To Make It Appear ‘Fresh’ In The Supermarket


People are seriously worried about their safety and health. Why you ask? Well, every day we spot articles with very disturbing topics and not to mention the content of these articles. Shocking news or revelations, which make us wonder, how safe is our chicken in the fridge, is the coke harming our health or is my deliciously prepared fish full with mercury or other toxins which on long-term, cause serious damage to our bodies and serious damages to our future generations.

As a result, we are faced with so many “new” diseases, which didn’t appear out of the blue. On the contrary, they are a product of the human’s greed for money and profit. So, we have to ask ourselves – is it all worth it?

Sadly, the situation is getting worse and worse instead of getting better. The Asian countries are taking the front pages in every news and are the hottest topics on every portal. Not for the good purpose of their work of course, but for all the wrong reasons. China, for instance is notoriously famous for its enormous work-force and a well-developed industry in every aspect.

Their production is so massive that every single person has run into millions of products, labelled MADE IN CHINA. There’s nothing wrong with their products, as long as they don’t kill you, right? Wrong! Massive production means low quality, cheap prices and God knows, under which circumstances those products are being developed.

However, China is just an example. Many other countries, such as Thailand, are following China’s example-lower the cost of production and increase the profit. All of this is being done on the cost of the people’s lives.

Besides Thailand, Vietnam is also making headlines lately, because of the enormous scandal connected with their shrimp production. Vietnamese manufacturers are using toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients in order to increase the weight of the shrimp and therefore to increase the price on the same product. So, not only are you eating garbage, which is far away from a shrimp, but you are also making these manufacturers richer and richer by day.

What is injected in those shrimps?

The word injected sounds terrifying on its own. If they inject something, that means that they are making your meal far from healthy and God knows, what is inside that delicious-looking shrimp lying on your plate. Because in fact, what’s inside the shrimp is what truly matters, and Vietnamese shrimps are injected with:

CMC is a food additive which is in fact, water-soluble anionic linear polymer. It is also used in pharmaceuticals and there are several types of CMC available out there, such as purified, industrial and technical.

The purified type is used for food and it’s stated that it’s safe for consumption. However, in order to lower the costs, companies buy the cheapest type of CMC- which is the industrial type and it’s purified from 50 to 90 %.

Nevertheless, we can never be sure of the type these manufacturers are using, especially since Vietnamese use CMC imported from China. The CMC is consisted of sodium glycolate and sodium chloride- ingredients which may have a negative impact on people who suffer from high blood pressure, have cardiovascular disease or who are sodium-intolerant.

So, even though CMC is safe for consumption, if you consume low levels, however you can’t tell how much CMC you are eating from the Vietnamese shrimps. So, whenever you crave for a shrimp, but you are sodium-intolerant, watch out for country of origin.

Red flag for the USA

Since Vietnam, Thailand and China are members of the pro-corporate power agreement and also the leaders in exporting sea food, we really need to be concerned about the food that enters our country.

No wonder activists are fighting against this agreement, because we will have almost no control on what enters into our country, fridge and ovens. The possibility that you have already tried such shrimp is also very high, because restaurants may be using these products, without our knowledge.

Which shrimps are safe and which should be avoided?

The sad news for shrimp lovers is that you need to be extremely cautious about the frozen products you buy. The good news is that there are some shrimps which are much safer than the imported ones. The Asian countries are truly the leaders in importing shrimps, however there are some American companies which sell safe shrimps, safe for consumption and you can even find them fresh!

The results from the tested shrimps which have been imported from the Asian countries have shown that they were contaminated with Listeria, Vibrio or Salmonella, which is truly terrifying if we take into consideration the fact that those shrimps may be served to us or our family.

To sum up

The situation is truly terrifying and concerning, especially since we hear new revelations and shocking information every day. Contaminated food and dangerous products are all over the place and the people are truly concerned about their health and the safety of their families- not to mention the future of our children and grandchildren.

To be on the safe side- avoid food that originates from China, Thailand or Vietnam, avoid food that is sold under suspicious circumstances and by all means consume organic and food which is known to be safe for consumption.


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