Simple tips on how to avoid excessive cold when camping

Excessive exposure to cold conditions can create a health scare since the possibility of acquiring diseases such as pneumonia is greatly increased under cold conditions. Besides, excessive cold reduces the body’s overall metabolism, and that means that a person can leave a camping session tired and not in good health. Keeping the body warm should be an urgent priority especially for persons who are participating in winter camps. 

Though summer camps are less often linked to colds, summer nights are usually cold. Therefore, it pays a lot if detailed attention is given to how the body can be kept warm regardless of the climate conditions that may be dominant during a camping session. Just the way we do plan for comfort in any of our upcoming camping schedules, we should also invest a lot of our resources into ensuring that cold weather conditions are kept under check. 

Choosing the right attire for a cold environment 

The choice of clothing you opt plays an important role in determining the overall temperature that your body get acquainted with. If you are going to a winter camp, you must carry heavy clothes such as woolen jackets that will ensure that the adverse effects of cold weather conditions don’t get to be on the extreme. The clothing aspect must extend to footwear since frost bites are not good for your feet. 

Here are the things to consider when picking the right attire for camping;

  • Compromise beauty and settle for important aspects such as health and comfort.
  • Clothing for preventing cold must cover all the vital body parts, and that means that a jacket may not be considered a solution to escaping cold effects during camps. 
  • You may have to carry heavy gloves for your hands, a heavy cap for your hair/head, scarfs for your neck, and heavy socks for your feet. 
  • A strong pant that can withstand excessive precipitation from the environment is also preferred. 

Making decision on the right food to eat

Though many people relate heavy clothing as the perfect to beat cold weather, it turns that attire is just one of the factors to consider. The kind of food you consume plays an integral role in determining the level of your body temperature. You should say no cold food when you are residing in a cold condition, and that means that you may have to sacrifice any craving you may have for cold drinks. 

Consider the following points anytime you are relating food to camping sessions;

  • It is preferable to opt for hot beverages such as tea and coffee since they are known to raise the overall body temperature within reasonable attributes significantly. 
  • You can use thermos flasks to ensure that your coffee or tea is kept warm, and consuming it at that time when you feel that cold may be beginning to overpower you. 

Enjoying camping around a fire

Most of the times outdoor camping events are mentioned, many people are likely to envision the thought of sitting around a blazing fire at night. The fire does add some magic to the camping experience; however, its main role is to ensure that cold is kept at bay. If you are not a fun of bourne fires, then it means that you should immediately like them since they help a lot to make the body its natural temperature range.

Keeping your tent warm, and ensure that your sleeping materials can effectively withstand cold conditions 

Tents often get too cold on the inside if they not given proper insulation. You must ensure that the tent material is strong enough to the extent it cannot allow water droplets to get in. Airtight tent materials ensure that the inside of tents gets to have a temperature range that people can find comfortable. For warm tents, ever insist on the following;

  • The blankets you intend to use during a camping must have adequate insulation properties, and shouldn’t be quick to absorb moisture from the environment. 
  • Air mattress is also preferred since it gives excellent heat insulation, unlike foam-based mattresses. 
  • You must never miss the essential sleeping accessories. Forgetting even a single cold weather sleeping accessory may deny you much of the comfort you need and further expose to the adverse effects of exposing yourself to cold conditions. 

The habits you should avoid when camping in a cold environment

It is possible that we may unknowingly find it ok to walk around bare chest or even forget to put on all the required anti-cold weather attire. Some effects of cold weather may not be felt immediately, and that aspect can cheat us into a false belief that there is nothing wrong in putting on summer-style attire while in cold camps. 

If you don’t have a strict discipline on the things to follow, then you may begin to feel the symptoms of cold weather sickness only trace them to the camping event. Always insist on putting the right clothing even if they may not uphold your fashion standards. Remember, your health should be your top concern, and nothing bad should come in between you and health. 

Choosing the right spot for putting up your camp

If you have the intentions of enjoying a warm stay in a camp, then you must wisely pick your location. The top rule is always to avoid spots that increase the cooling effect of wind, and that means that you should avoid areas that have many trees or natural vegetation. 


Camping sessions are considered a great way of spending time with family and friends, and also creating a close interaction with the natural environment. Though camps don’t present all the comfort we would find in our homes; it is still possible to create an environment that can ensure that our health is not under risk created by some harsh conditions we may encounter in some camping environments. 

As you are planning for your camping session, you must work cautiously so that you don’t unknowingly leave behind anything important. Rushing with preparation procedures may spell disaster, and create an uncomfortable environment which you would not want to be part of. By sticking to the tips provided in this article, you can make your camping session a success and come back home a strong person just the way you left.

Hi there, I’m Lucy Gomez, camp editor at I grew up in a suburb of Oklahoma and I have been camping my entire life. Camping in the wild is a way of life for me.

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