The Solar Powered Cooker That Stores The Sun’s Energy For Fuel-Free Grilling Every Night


What’s better than a barbeque in a cool summer night? Barbeque parties are definitely number one when it comes to bringing the whole family, neighbours or close friends together. Barbequed food has undeniable rich taste that no one can resist to. Steak, burgers, veggies, corn, chicken, fish, pick your favourite, put them on the grill and enjoy.  

Unfortunately, no matter how great barbequed food can be, we should bear in mind that our barbeques are no friends to the environment. It doesn’t matter whether you use wood chips, propane or charcoal, they all release emissions that pollute the air.

Choose a pressure cooker with an accurate pressure indicator that gives a clear visual indication that an absolute pressure has been achieved.

Luckily, one genius found a great barbeque- related solution which will not harm our environment and yet it will allow us to enjoy the delicious taste of perfectly barbequed food.

Wilson solar-powered cooker without fuel


Thanks to MIT professor David Wilson we are introduced with a whole new era of cooking technology. He created a new solar cooker that works at night. This new technology item, that Wilson invented, is the best option for nations that use wood to heat up their stoves.

This item functions by collecting the sun and storing the heat for up to 25 hours, reaching temperatures of incredible 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This item consists of Fresnel lens that hold up the energy, and a Lithium Nitrate container which plays a role of a thermal –storing battery for 25 hours. Then the heat is released so you can prepare your meals outside in your most favourite cooking method.

As Wilson said, although there are many solar cookers to buy on the market, not many of them use latent-heat storage to cook the food. There are solar cookers, grills and ovens, but we can only use them during the day. And Wilson was right when he said that we prefer our barbeque in the evening.

Wilson got his idea when he went to visit Nigeria. Obviously, people there used firewood to cook their meals. This method of cooking provided environmental as well as health problems. Some of the issues were deforestation and respiratory problems. Another important problem was the increased number of attacks and rapes of women who went in the wood searching for firewood.

Eris Uva, Derek Ham and Theodora Vardouli are successful MIT students who are trying to develop a prototype solar grill. They are doing their own study during the multi-disciplinary course “Innovation Teams” or “iTeams”. Their aim is to assess the concept and then start of a business of producing and making this revolutionary barbeque available to everyone.

Their ultimate goal is not only developing a grill for the U.S. market but also producing a model for solar grill that would target the developing nations. The version for the American market is probably going to be a hybrid propane/solar model which will enable flame cooking as thoroughly as thermal cooking. 

Solar-powered grills arriving soon

Whatever happens to our environment in the future is in our hands today. So this revolutionary item is a must for you or someone close to you that loves cooking. And remember that you will be doing Mother Nature a favor and don’t worry she’ll find ways to reward you in the future.



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