Start Your Morning Exercise Routine With These Tips and Become a Happy Morning Person

Do you always lack the energy in the morning and cannot imagine how some people even manage to get up from bed and put their sneakers on so they fulfill their exercise routine? Well, I used to be one of those people, always using every minute to stay in bed instead of have a vibrant morning.

Yes, I couldn’t understand those morning people who woke up with a smile on their face. However, by these 5 tips I transformed myself from a grumpy do-not-wake-me-up person to one of those with a smile on their face.

Tips to kick-start your morning exercise routine

1. Accept the negativity

The first and most important thing is to set your mind to a positive thinking. By this, I mean that you have to acknowledge all the negative thoughts that you might be having and accept them. After that, every time your brain tries to make an excuse why you cannot exercise today, you will immediately recognize that and instead do something positive, such as getting up from your bed and doing something for your health.

2. Do the prep work

Before going to sleep always prepare your workout clothes, water bottle and your pre-workout meal, so the moment you open your eyes you see everything set together. Give yourself an extra hour and use it wisely by exercising. Your daily plan should start after this one hour of exercising. This will be a great motivator because you will have no excuse for not being able to exercise.

3. Join a class or group

If you lack the above given organizing skills, joining a group would be the best alternative. By doing this you will just have to show up to an already set time. You will feel the need to always be on time and be better than your peers. This type of pressure and energy will keep you motivated to exercise and not fail your mates.

4. You need to be decisive

You have to make a promise to yourself that you are going to work out and do not let anything change it. When you go to bed you can actually visualize the morning and your whole workout. This will keep your vision of tomorrow clearer and you will probably stick to the plan. Remind yourself of the Nike motto: Just do it, and hopefully you will.

5. Start a behavioral chain reaction

To build a new habit of working out in the morning you have to attach it to your previous plans, which means that you should make it an integral part in your daily routine. Therefore, by not completing this routine you cannot go on to the next one. If you skip a workout you will break the chain of events planned for the day. This is a great motivator in order to start your day as planned and hope for a good one.

 P.S. Always remember that all these tips will make you exercise more, be healthier and happier. Start your days positively!