Stop Throwing Out Your Teabags!Try Planting Them Like This And Watch What Happens


If you are a teetotaler, then you must have at least 2 or 3 teabags left at the end of each day. And by the end of the week, you will definitely have collected a little pile of used teabags of all different flavors and mixes: spearmint tea, green tea, St. John’s worth tea, elderberry tea, chamomile tea, ginger tea, black tea, sage tea, rosemary tea, rooibos tea, linden tea, berry tea, detox tea… the list will go on and on, depending on your mood and the healing properties of a particular type of tea.

You all sip at the tea, but you never bother to use those teabags too instead of hastily throwing them in the bin as regular garbage. Well, maybe it is time you changed this habit and discover the uses of an old teabag – they are quite awesome, just keep reading below and find which one meets your needs right now!


1. Used teabags soothe and relieve sunburns

Black tea especially can soothe and heal your burning skin due to the acid it contains. All you need to do is press a used-and-cooled teabag against the painful skin to ‘put out the fire.’ Also, when you are clumsy in the kitchen and get burned, take a wet tea bag, and keep it against the burn for a while. It is full of tannins which will do a ‘master work’ to relieve you from pain and discomfort.

2. Used tea bags remove eye bags

After a sleepless night the worst thing you can do is make yourself a cup of coffee. Go for a wind of change and make yourself a cup of aromatic tea instead. You may be well taken by surprise by its superior effect on your slumber or hangover than your “unrelenting” cup of coffee. And the best thing is yet to come: that used bag of tea can actually wipe out the ugly ‘panda circles’ around your tired eyes! Just rub and pull the teabag gently over each eye bag and watch it disappear in a while!

3. Teabags make a great rinse for your dull hair

Conditioners and regenerators can actually have an opposite effect on your overtreated hair. If you want to give it a break, simply use a teabag of choice in your warm rinsing water. Your curls will look shining and bouncing again, and your dandruff may soon become “absent” from your scalp.

4. Used tea bags shrink warts

It is true. The green tea contains antioxidants that act to ‘freeze’ warts so that they do not enlarge. The application is very simple: the used-and-cooled teabag should cover the wart entirely and it should be fastened with some sort of clean tape (sterile bandage or a band aid will do the job). The teabag should be replaced with another one in 15 minutes. You can repeat this home treatment until you see the wart has fallen off.teabags

5. Used tea bags remove the odor from “skunky” shoes or sneakers

If you are short on cash, you can still use little something to make your shoe ware worth putting it on again: your used teabags! Only in this case, it is better to use a dried teabag – just place one teabag in each shoe and it will work better than any desiccant (silica gel) to neutralize any bad odor.

6. Used tea bags can help you grow blissfully-fragrant roses in your garden!

High pH levels of the soil can be decreased by the tea tannins, which will stop the malicious fungus from appearing around the rose base and then slowly “eat it up.” Instead of seeing your roses completely devastated by the fungus, you will see your roses blooming like in the Garden of Eden! So do empty that saved teabag around the base of your roses – do not waste it for nothing…

7. Used tea bags are dish cleaners too

Sometimes you cannot use a heavy duty scourer on your kitchenware not only because you don’t have it at hand, but also because it may damage the cookware. The grim and grease on your dishes can also be removed if you let them soak overnight in a water-teabag solution. In the morning, you will only have to do a ‘light duty’ scrubbing, so give it a try to spare some energy for the day.

8. Used tea bags are stain removers from splashed mirrors

All mirrors in your home get splish-splashed once in a while and you, just like me, don’t want to see all kinds of stains on the mirror. As kids are especially keen on staining mirrors in a try to ‘touch their other self,’ it is very handy to use a few brewed teabags for your mirror shine. Just soak your microfiber cloth in the tea and wipe the mirror surface flawlessly clean!

9. Used tea bags eliminate nasty odors from hands

Garlic and onion chopping-and-slicing always make your fingers smell repelling. And no gentlemen will want to touch and kiss those smelly hands at your rendezvous, right? Again, you can wash your ‘lady’s fingers’ with the aromatic teabag content (put in the water) rather than use a soap bar. In this way, tangy odors will be “undressed” from your hands, and you will be ready for your date in no time!

10. Used tea bags are good for your infection-ridden gums

Finally, people with sore gums know how difficult it is to swallow and soften hard food in the mouth, so teabags can be of great help to them. To restore your healthy gums, you should “bite” a teabag and keep it at your mouth like that for a while. Especially after an oral surgery or other dental complaint, the teabag will make a blotclot, making the swelling and bleeding stop. This teabag remedy is much milder than other over-the-counter mouth washing solutions which irritate gums in the long run.

Hopefully the 10 uses above are good enough reasons to persuade you to keep the used teabags in the future. If you want them to last longer, just save them in your refrigerator in a glass container until you really need them.


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