Stretches for Back Pain Relief, How to Stretch Routine, Beginners Home Yoga

Nowadays, the art of healthy living consists of not only healthy eating, but of healthy exercising too. Coaches and yoga instructors unanimously agree that stretching is one of the best routines for loosening up and relieving pains.

Here we focus on several spine pain-reliving stretches. The more often you practice these stretches the better results you get in terms of your back pain, flexibility and range of motion.

1. The first routine is targeted precisely on warming up your upper and lower back area.

Sit comfortable, cross-legged in the “lotus” position. If you don’t feel comfortable in this position, you can sit on your knees instead. You start by bringing your hands on top of your knees. Then you inhale, slowly bringing your torso forward.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together on your back and arch your back, looking upwards. As you exhale, you round your spine by tucking your chin in your chest. You rock back on your sacrum, effectively stretching your spine. You should accentuate this stretch to the pain boundary only. Then you inhale, coming forward and bringing your collarbones up. 

You exhale tucking your chin into your chest again, rocking back on your sacrum and exhaling completely again. You repeat the routine a couple of times until you warm your spine and feel flexible for the next one. 

2. The second routine is a left-and-right side stretch to give your back more suppleness.

You start sitting in the same lotus position, your spine completely upright. You bring your left hand onto the floor beside you, and then you sweep your right arm up and over to stretch the right side of your body. You try reaching your finger tip far away to accentuate this side stretch.

Then you repeat the same routine for your left side of the body to get a nice deep stretch across the left side of your body. You continue to breathe in that position.
Repeat this stretching right down through your waste a couple of times to reach the desired effect. 

3. The third routine is a left-and-right twist.

You bring your right hand across to your left knee, reaching your left fingertips behind you. Sitting up, you inhale, keeping your posture nice and tall in order to lengthen your spine. When you are ready, you exhale twisting your torso to the left. You turn your gaze all the way over your left shoulder as you twist deeply in your spine.

The aim is get the rotation in-between each one of your vertebra. You continue to breathe in that twisted position steadily. You gently unwind and come back to the center. You repeat the same routine for the other side of your body. 

4. The forth routine also brings back pain relief through stretching.
From the center, you plant your hands onto the floor, and you roll forward to come onto your knees. You bring your knees stacking directly underneath your hips. You check whether your shoulders come right above your wrists.  With your hands pressing firmly onto the floor, just like when you are sat, you inhale, reaching your heart forward.

Squeeze your shoulder blades on your back and arch your back. Inhale and exhale. Then you round your spine and tuck your tail bone and tuck your chin into your chest. You press down onto the floor, so you can lift your spine high. You inhale and open through your chest. You open your heart forward as you are arching and looking up.