Super Metabolism Boosting Spice That Burns Fat & Helps You Lose Weight

A lot of people these days, mostly women actually, strive to get those thin thighs and flat stomach that models, singers, actresses and other celebrities show off on the cover of magazines around the world.

Getting slim is mostly associated with having a faster metabolism, that’s why people look for foods that improve their metabolism.

You probably know that many spices are known for their cleansing properties, that is, they can help detoxify the body. But apart from this, some spices can boost your metabolism and keep fat off.

Of course, it’s ridiculous to believe that including spices in your diet solely will rid you of those extra pounds. You need to consider following a healthy diet in the first place. But let’s take a look at several spices that boost metabolism.



Cinnamon is one of these healthy ingredients that everyone should eat every now and then. It is not only aromatic, but also very good for your health. From improving your brain function to boosting your metabolism, cinnamon is the perfect addition to your meal.

It is important to know that its effect will be much stronger if you eat it on an empty stomach or with other nutritional foods. What does that mean? Basically, that you can’t expect to have chips with cinnamon and keep fat off.

Cinnamon also helps cleanse your body. It improves the function of your liver a great deal. It assists in blood sugar regulation and protects against heart disease.



Ginger is not only a tasty ingredient to your meals, it also helps your body break down the minerals and nutrients you eat per meal. Apart from its cleansing effect, ginger can boost your metabolism.

There are two compounds that help do the trick and they are called capsaicin and gingerols. They are responsible for increasing the body’s metabolism. In addition, ginger is high in antioxidants, which makes it a must-have for every kitchen.



Cayenne is very hot and peppery, which makes it a fat-burner. Since it’s pungent, it raises the body’s temperature and fights extra fat. The “magical” substance is used against fever, sore throat, tremors, heartburn and other ailments. It is an anti-flu agent that relieves flu symptoms by shaking congested mucus away.

It can even relieve pain such as headache and migraine. The ingredient has the ability to relieve diarrheas, coughs, ulcers and upset stomach.

Cayenne is included in many detoxifying and cleansing diet programs. 



This medicinal herb and spice is very beneficial and healthy for human beings. In the first place, it helps dissolve fat, which is why it is a good idea to include sufficient amounts of the herb in your daily meals, especially if they include lots of fat. The main active ingredient is curcumin. It is the reason that the herb turmeric is so healthy.

Apart from boosting the immune system, turmeric also has a number of other medicinal properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can also repair damage.

Additional Health Effects of Spices:

As you may have noticed, the spices mentioned above don’t just help boost metabolism, they also have a number of other health benefits worth mentioning.

Anti-inflammatory properties: it is known that apart from helping you to combat diseases, drugs also have many negative side effects. The good news is, herbs are capable of calming inflammation too, only they don’t have any side effects.

Blood sugar: there are spices which help to control insulin and regulate blood sugar. Additonally, you can control your weight because your body will not store excess calories.

Anti-fungal and anti-viral: a lot of herbs are known for their abilities to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses. Considering that some microbes are very resistant to drugs, natural herbs can help deal with this issue.