The 8 Benefits Of Pineapples You’ve Never Heard Of

The pineapple is literally a paradise fruit! It is abundant in nutrients – vitamin A and C, fiber, phosphorus, potassium and calcium – which revive and protect the entire human body. It is also a very good source of copper and a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B6, dietary fiber, folate, and pantothenic acid.

These nutrients can help with numerous medical complaints. The pineapple is charmingly sweet in taste and thoroughly refreshing in hot weather.

Pineapples come with a host of benefits. Here are 8 of them:

1. It can protect you from the modern day plague -cancer

This amazing tropical fruit contains very many antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the body and prevent them from damage your cells by causing oxidative stress. It helps against diseases such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, arthritis, and various types of neoplasms – that is cancers.

2. Inflammations and infections are helpless in the fight with the pineapple

The pineapple is rich in vitamin C and bromelain, enzymes that break down proteins and protect against bacterial infections. So, with pineapple juices and cocktails you can successfully fight and treat colds, respiratory problems, coughs and the like.

3. Your bones weaken as you get on in years

The pineapple strengthens your bones in a natural way since it contains a high amount of manganese, which fortifies the bones and strengthens the binding tissue. One cup of pineapple juice meets around 73% of human daily needs of this VALUABLE MINERAL

4. Do you have poor sight?

Your eyesight weakens over the years as well, but you don’t have to go to your eye doctor a lot if you have a lot of pineapple on your menu! Pineapples can help reduce the risk of macular degeneration, a disease that affects the eyes as people age, due in part to their high amount of vitamin C and their antioxidants.
The pineapple’s beta carotene is also very important for good eye health. This is why you should eat the pineapple like crazy –the world around you will look so much better to your eyes!

5. Your heart benefits a lot from the pineapple

As we mentioned above, the pineapple contains antioxidants that reduce the level of bad cholesterol and protect against free radicals. With regular consumption of the pineapple you will increase the strength of your heart muscle and decrease the risk of heart disease. So, this fruit is definitely a ‘hearty choice’ for those of you with mild or severe health problems!

6. The pineapple improves the process of food digestion

The mineral bromelain, vitamin C, and fiber, all found plentifully in ripe pineapples, improve the digestion process and promote regular bowel movement.

7. Pineapples protects against hypertension

If you often suffer from high blood pressure (HBP), include the pineapple into your daily diet because both potassium and sodium, contained in it, will help you maintain normal blood pressure.

8. You may not expect it, but the pineapple is great against acne!

The pineapple’s abundance of vitamin C is excellent when it comes to removing dark blotches from acne on your face and poor-looking complexion. This delicious, juicy fruit is a small factory of collagen (necessary for glowing and firm skin) and is a great fighter against acne as well. It reduces skin redness and helps the skin look tighter and more elastic.

So, parents, instead of expensive skin lotions and creams, buy your teenagers a full basket of pineapples to help them overcome their skin issues. They’ll be thankful to you for this help, take our word for it!

Obviously, the pineapple fruit holds the many secrets to our wellbeing and longevity.
So, we are inviting to join our mania for pineapples this season and reap the benefits with us!