The Man Who Found A “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims – Wins!

This African man goes by the name Dr. Sebi, but his birth name is Alfredo Bowman. According to many of his followers, Dr. Sebi has the knowledge to cure many so-called “incurable diseases,” including, but not limited to, cancer, AIDS and diabetes.

He has treated famous patients such as the artist Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and the late pop legend Michael Jackson, who swore by his practice. He has also spoken out about helping Steven Seagal and Eddie Murphy’s mother amongst others.

In 1988 he was forced to go to court where he was being sued by the attorney general of New York after placing adverts in the local newspapers that he could cure any disease.

For the trial Dr. Sebi was told he must bring at least 1 patient for each major disease he claimed he could cure. The number of witnesses needed were less than 10 but, much to the Court’s surprise, 70 cured patients came forward forcing the court to drop the charges and unanimously rule in Sebi’s favor.

Here is an excerpt from about Dr Sebi:

Dr. Sebi is a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and, above all, a naturalist. He has studied and personally observed herbs in America, Latin America, Africa, and the Caribbean, and has developed a unique approach to healing with herbs that is firmly rooted in over 30 years of his hands-on experience.

Dr. Sebi was born Alfredo Bowman on November 26, 1933, in the village of Ilanga in Spanish Honduras. Sebi never attended school, not even kindergarten. Instead, he took cues on being obedient to the procession of life from his beloved grandmother, “Mama Hay”. Sebi’s mother left her young son with his grandmother to obtain work in another town. His early days of play and observation by the river and in the forest, coupled with the guidance from his prudent grandmother, gave Sebi the wisdom to adhere to the Natural Truth in his later life.

Sebi came to the United States as a self-educated man who was diagnosed with asthma, diabetes, impotency, and obesity. After unsuccessful treatments by the conventional doctors, Sebi was lead to an herbalist in Mexico. Finding great healing success from all his ailments, he on his own engaged in creating natural vegetation cell food compounds geared for inter-cellular cleansing and the revitalization of all the cells that make up the human body.

There is a great book to read based on the works of Dr. Sebi

If you interested to learn more about how Dr. Sebi was able to cure certain diseases using all natural herbs and alternative medicine, I recommend reading the book titled:

Sojourn to Honduras Sojourn to Healing: Why An Herbalist’s View Matters More Today Than Ever Before.

This informative book explores Dr. Sebi’s views on AIDS, diabetes, cancer, and other “incurable diseases,” and his evident success in treating these lethal diseases. This book also shows you how to prevent fatal diseases and stay healthy and drug free.