The Secret To Staying HEALTHY: Get The Lymphatic System Moving!


Even though many people are unaware of the importance of the lymphatic system, it is one of the most crucial parts of the human body. Why? Just because the lymphatic system is responsible for naturally getting rid of toxins, cleaning the blood in the body and transporting lymph fluid.

Shockingly, but true, there is more lymph in our bodies than blood. However, once we get to realize the important role of the lymphatic system, we will truly discover the secret towards a healthier life.

Since it’s our natural detoxification system, we can do so many things which can harm the lymphatic system and therefore interrupt its proper function. The gut is a storehouse of the lymphatic system and needless to say that it holds up around 80% of our immune system and keeping it healthy is crucial for our overall health.


Most common signs for congested lymphatic system

If you experience any of the following signs, that means that your lymphatic system is congested and couldn’t keep your body healthy

  • Itchy and dry skin
  • Tiredness
  • Swollen fingers
  • Feeling sore or stiff every morning
  • Gaining weight or body fat
  • Lower immunity
  • Fogginess in the brain
  • Skin rash or problems with acne
  • Diarrhea
  • Soreness or breast swelling
  • Constipation
  • Mucus in the stool
  • Headaches
  • Holding on to water or bloating
  • Elevated irritation and histamine
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Swelling of the glands

Reasons for congested lymphatic system

There are many reasons why our lymphatic system is unhealthy or congested, including:

  • Irritated intestinal villi is one of the major reasons for the congestion of the lymphatic system. The quality of the villi is closely connected with the proper function of the lymphatic system and imbalance in the diet can cause irritation to the intestinal villi.
  • Stress is the number one reason for many medical conditions, so it would be logical to conclude that stress can truly affect the lymphatic system.
  • The deficiency of iodine is also a major reason for the improper function of the lymphatic system, because iodine reduces the damage done by the toxic materials.
  • Chronic dehydration will slow down the lymph flow or even stagnate it, therefore making it impossible to function properly. Drinking fluids is crucial for every medical condition and pure water can help you keep your body moving and healthy.

10 ways to improve the function of the lymphatic health


1.Walking is a stress

Reducer and an activity that requires little of your time and it can do a lot for your health. Walking will clear your mind, get your body moving and activate your lungs. So, make a step to a healthier and a better functioning body.

2. Change of diet

Processed food and dehydration are the lymphatic system’s worst enemies. Healthy food and drinking a great amount of pure water will help you detoxify your body and prevent toxins from attacking your health. Therefore, implement raw fruits and veggies as much as you can and feel the change from the inside out.

3. Keep your body and mind active


Many people have problems with their lymphatic system because they are sitting down all day and therefore they forget the importance of physical activity. However, exercise can really help in many aspects of our health and spending 10-20 minutes a day can truly make a difference.

4. Legs up

Strangely as it may sound, putting your legs up against the wall can help you sleep better and improve the blood flow as well as help you eliminate toxins and tension accumulated throughout the day.

5. Take a deep breath

Walking with a combination of deep breaths can keep your lymph moving. Take a few minutes of your day and concentrate your mind on breathing and relaxing. Deep breaths will relieve the stress and improve your lymph flow.

6. Hydrotherapy showers

Hydrotherapy showers

Is a great way to relax your body and promote the lymph flow. During your shower, switch it from hot water to cold water several times at the end of your shower.

7. Sauna therapy

Many people find the sauna experience enjoyable and some of them cannot stand the idea of just sitting around and sweat all the time. However, sweating is great! That means that your body is getting rid of all the toxins, cleans and regenerates the skin and promotes lymphatic system’s health due to the heat.

8. Yin Yoga

This type of yoga is excellent for improving lymph flow. You stay in a pose for 3-10 minutes, feel the gravity and the pressure is also helpful. Consider trying yin yoga, whenever you can and experience the benefits.

9. Use a dry brush

Natural bristle brush can help you a lot in promoting the health of the lymphatic system. Check this video to get a better picture about the use of dry brush.

10. Massages are great

They are truly beneficial for our body in every sense. Massage can help you release the stress, will detoxify and cleanse the skin and it also promotes lymph flow. There are even specific lymph massages which are great for lymph flow.

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