These Berries Grow In Only One Place In The World And Can Kill Cancer Cells In Minutes!

Scientists have identified a compound in the fruit of the native blushwood shrub that appears to “liquefy and destroy cancer with no side-effects”, according to latest research.

Victoria Gordon, of EcoBiotics, an Atherton Tableland-based company, said they hoped to go to human clinical trials later this year.

Dr. Gordon said a single dose injection of the extract, known as EBC-46, had been effective in 50 critically ill dogs and about a dozen cats and horses. “This is proving to be something exceptional,” she said.

“The tumor literally liquefies. “There is a rapid knock-down of the tumor, it disintegrates within 24 hours and we have a rapid healing response. The biggest tumor we treated was the size of a Coke can in a dog, and that animal is fully healed and healthy.”

Dr. Gordon said it had worked on skin cancers, such as carcinomas and melanomas, and bone cancer, and was a possible treatment for breast, colon and prostate cancer. But she warned wannabe human guinea pigs against seeking under-the-table treatment.

She said it was “immoral, illegal, and unscientific” to seek to be administered the drug before approval, likely to take up to seven years, by the Therapeutic Goods Administration: “We have been inundated with calls – it shows there is such a need for a breakthrough in anti-cancer treatment,” she said. “Most people understand when we explain the situation.”

Former breast cancer sufferer Mena Crew, 65, said many dying of cancer would “do anything for a miracle cure”. “We would all like a magic cure, that would be wonderful, and I hope in my lifetime we find it,” the breast cancer support volunteer said.

She has worked with more than 200 sufferers and some victims in her role with the Cancer Council Queensland. “I don’t want to kill the enthusiasm of all the wonderful research, but until it is proven it will do the job, we recommend they go with proven and conventional treatments,” she said. “It is good, however, to think the secret antidote may be growing in the jungle above Cairns.”


An eight-year laboratory study, conducted by a Medical Research Institute, has also found that this specific compound in blushwood berries kills cancer cells in skin melanomas.

Not only is the compound highly successful in  treating this lethal type of cancer, with no offset of side effects, but also scientists were amazed at how fast the compound started working. The fruit compound started working in 5 minutes, making the cancerous melanoma and neck tumors disappear in a matter of days!

This compound was 75% successful in fighting skin cancer in dogs, cats and horses. This research, led by Dr. Glen Boyle from the QIMR Berghofer Medical research Institute in Brisbane, is highly promising and could be a potential cure for fighting several topical cancers.

Where do these miracles berries come from?

Blush wood berries come from the blush wood tree, which has very specific growing requirements and has only been found to grow in pockets of Far North Queensland in the Australian Rainforest. Found deep in the remnants of a 130 million-year-old rainforest, the fruit extract may yet hold the secret antidote to Australia’s No.1 killer disease. Unfortunately, it does not grow anywhere else on the planet.

The cancer-fighting compound is extracted from the berry’s seed through a complicated purification process. How the compound actually works to wipe out skin cancer is still unknown.

Tests of the EBC-46 drug (derived from the berry) were run by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. All animals treated in the study were diagnosed by the veterinary practitioners to have untreatable disease using current standards of medical care. Many of the animals treated were euthanized within weeks of the initial diagnostics.

“The surprising thing for us and the thing that we don’t see very often is the speed with which this occurs,” Dr. Boyle explained. “Usually when you treat a tumor it takes several weeks for it to resolve, but this is very, very rapid. There’s a purpling of the area, of the tumor itself, and you see that within five minutes and you come back the next day and the tumor’s black and you come back a few days later and the tumor’s fallen off.”

Oscar the dog pre-treatment (L) and 15 days after treatment (R). Photo credit: QIMR Berghofer Medical Institute

The results are remarkable, but Dr. Boyle cautions that the drug could only be used for eliminating tumors accessible by direct injection and was not effective at eliminating metastatic cancers. However, it is a promising future cancer treatment to work alongside chemotherapy and surgery.

“Elderly patients who just can’t go through another round of chemo, or can’t go through another general anesthetic for example, could be treated in this way and hopefully it will improve their quality of life,” he said.

Clinical trials on humans will hopefully begin soon. It is amazing what potent cures we can find in Mother Nature, isn’t it? It makes you wonder what other potential cures for the disease may still be waiting under the sky to be discovered! This is especially important since many of the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to co-opt Mother Nature usually end up failing.

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