10 Awesome Hacks For The Best Halloween Ever!

Meaning of Halloween

­O­ne obvious question about Halloween is, “What does the word itself mean?” The name is actually a shortened version of “All Hallows’ Even,” the eve of All Hallows’ Day. “Hallow” is an Old English word for “holy person,” and All Hallows’ Day is simply another name for All Saints’ Day, the day Catholics commemorate all the saints. At some point, people began referring to All Hallows’ Even as “Hallowe’en” and then simply “Halloween.”

­­Following t­he Jewish tradition, Christians observe many holy days from sundown on one day until sundown on the following day. This is where we get the practice of celebrating Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, etc. The direct predecessor of modern-day Halloween is the festivity that began All Saints’ Day, which started at sundown on October 31.

While it takes its name from All Saints’ Day, modern Halloween is actually a combination of several different traditions. In fact, a lot of the things we do on Halloween predate Christianity entirely. In the following sections, we’ll look at the chief traditions that feed into today’s Halloween and see how they got all tangled up together in one holiday.

In the United States and Canada, every October brings an ­avalanche of carved pumpkins, dancing skeletons, smiling ghosts, and witches riding on brooms. Halloween certainly stands out from the rest of the holidays we obse­rve ­ throughout the year: It’s full of frightening ghost stories, pranks, elabor­ate costumes and bizarre games. On Halloween, we all revel in being scared.

Halloween also stands out because of its unique mix of secular and religious elements. In recent years, the holiday has stirred up a lot of controversy because it offends some Christian groups, which in turn upsets many modern-day Wiccans and Druids.

­If you’ve ­ever wondered where all those peculiar Halloween practices come from, or you can’t figure out why Halloween is such a hot topic with a lot of people, then this article will get you ready for the next October 31. We’ll look at both the Celtic and Christian origins of Halloween, examine all the favorite Halloween traditions and sort out a little bit of the Halloween controversy.

M­os­t of the traditions of Halloween date back to Samhain (sow-en), the ancient Celtic New Year. Samhain, which translates to “end of summer,” occurred around the end of October, when the weather started to get cold. At its heart, Samhain was an observance of all the important things that were happening during this change of seasons.

Now, it is scary how quickly Halloween is approaching, isn’t it? If you have some Halloween parties coming up, or you’re just excited to celebrate the spooky holiday, then you’ll want to check out these awesome Halloween hacks courtesy of The Crazy Russian Hacker with some help from KeeptheHeat. Just grab some glow sticks, some pumpkins, some friends or family, and have a blast.

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