Tommy Chong of ‘Cheech & Chong’ Fame: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks to Hemp Oil and the Right Diet

The first thought of people being diagnosed with cancer is: I will be dead soon! This morbid feeling is often supported by some doctors’ attitude to this disease-they often regard it as a death sentence lingering out in the open. It sometimes seems that their spirit is even poorer than the spirit of their ailing patients.

But cancer patients simply must try and keep their spirits up! Here’s a story about a brave man who, against all the odds, has made a full recovery!

Just as many people knowledgeable in natural medicines, the Canadian actor Tommy Chong of ‘Cheech and Chong’ Fame did not perceive his cancer diagnose as a positive death sentence.

He knew that he would not join the great majority just like that!  Tommy kept his shirt on and went down the natural path. He heard his diagnosis as an alarm clock waking him up to get his diet and stress under control!

Indeed, Tommy Chong succeeded in his determination. In May of 2013, Chong had a victorious message for the world-he proclaimed himself to be completely cancer-free thanks to a disciplined diet under the guidance of a naturopath, and the use of hemp (or hash) oil as a food supplement.

He wasn’t a victim, but a victor!

Tommy Chong Chose His Personal Healing Protocol

When it comes to the conventional cancer treatment and the alternative cancer treatment, you cannot say: There is little to choose between the two.
On the contrary, there is a world of difference between the two. It’s a matter of life and death, please remember this!

In the blog post on his website, Chong noted that he was originally told that his best option for survival was a high frequency treatment of his slow-developing prostate cancer (stage one). He was told that the treatment could be done in Mexico only. Deterred not only but the price of the treatment, but also by the doubtful recovery, Tommy decided to look for his own alternatives.

Tommy met Dr. McKinnon in Victoria, British Columbia, to talk about the best diet for his condition. He had to forget about his “bad old” eating habits and jump start a new diet and supplement routine. He said he brought his prostate-specific antigen test numbers down within a year! It was a point where his cancer was effectively “tamed” that is the cancer was “no longer life-threatening”.

Chong also utilized hemp oil as an integral part of his fresh diet, much as the author and healer Rick Simpson recommends in his ‘Phoenix Tears’ protocol.

Chong paid great attention to his emotional recovery as well and said:  “There are many ways to heal emotionally and to remove stress from our lives, but many sick people unfortunately are not given the opportunity to embrace this sort of lifestyle or methodology.”

Was hemp (hash) oil the key to Tommy Chong’s recovery?

“So the magic plant does cure cancer with the right diet and supplements,” Chong boasted on his twitter account. “That’s right, I kicked cancer’s ass! I feel the best I felt in years,” he said, noting that he still had another blood test, MRI, etc. to go in for, in order to confirm his wellbeing.

Although Chong hasn’t updated his status since then, it seems that he is doing pretty well. His story impersonates those of many other thousands of cancer survivors who chose not to go in for chemotherapy.

He didn’t have cancer metastases because, according to recent research, the so-called chemotherapy (treatment with chemical drugs) has actually been shown to make cancer even more malignant!

A Few Reflections on Chong’s Recovery

A lack of research on alternative natural cancer treatments continues to negatively affect the health of millions in dire need of efficient therapy. This minute hospitals should do a better job of working with the natural health movement and start taking diet, emotional health and supplements seriously, so patients can have a better chance of survival.

From Tommy Chong’s experience we saw that natural cancer healing is indeed possible. But what many people don’t realize is just how important is the biology of belief and a person’s mindset for restoring a person’s healthy balance.  

Many naturopathic healers are still lacking in experience in this field of interest, so their prowess varies markedly from one place to another.

At any rate, Chong’s example is just another piece of evidence that we really need to value natural cancer protocols if not more, than as much as those conventional ones. His success also teaches us to value hemp as natural medicine.

Tommy Chong is as sound as a bell again. He did not succumb to cancer. Instead, he just took his health seriously and left cancer behind!