Top 6 Fishing Destinations in Caribbean

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands is located along the United States coastline and are one of the best places to catch some of the largest game species including big marlin and swordfish. This is the natural habitat for the species. Many professionals throng these islands to take part in local and major international fishing tournaments. The coast of Saint Croix for instance is perfect for catching species such as Swordfish and Marlin.

These fertile fishing sites are also good to learn how to catch tricky species such as Mullet. This is one of the most elusive game fish species and many enthusiasts spend many hours in these waters to catch these unicorns. However, before visiting these islands, you should have confirmation from relevant local fishing authorities. These include guidelines on open/closed seasons and number/size of catch. Regulations differ on each island making it important to acquire certification/permission from local authorities in advance.


Bahamas is another excellent fishing spot located in the Caribbean. This rich coastline is packed with fly fishers out to catch unique bonefish thriving in these waters. Bahamas is one of the most visited tourist spots along the Caribbean and you can hire boats and guides to take you out on fishing expeditions.

There is a wide variety of shallow water species along the coast including fly-fish, tarpon, wahoo, pompano and the barracuda.

The shallow water fish along these shores include tarpon, wahoo, pompano, and barracuda. Tourist on fishing expeditions dot the coastline in pursuit of these species that can be nabbed from the shore or in small fishing boats.

In addition to these species, Bahamas is home to the mutton snapper, grouper, jack crevalle and yellowtail snapper. The continental shelf is quite close to the shore and you could enjoy expeditions to catch the larger game species not too offshore. If you are interested in trawling, with certification from the government you can catch large schools of Lionfish. This invasive species wrecks havoc in the waters and the Government issues permits to anglers to help in removing the menace.


These islands located close to the Bahamas have a number of excellent sites for both shallow and deep-sea fishing. These warm Caribbean waters along this coast are packed with a wide variety of species. There are many options for anglers visiting including guides who will help identify the best fishing spots. For deep sea fishing you can be sure to enjoy pursuit of large game species. Barbados is for these reasons one of the most visited deep sea fishing locations and is listed as one of the best sport fishing sites around the world.

 Cayman Islands

Another of the must see/visit spots along the Caribbean is the Cayman Islands. These waters are rich with some of the most popular game species including Tuna and Marlin. The shallow waters along Bloody Bay are the perfect location for spearfishing enthusiasts – though importing the catch or using foreign spearing gear is illegal.

For this reason, it is recommended when visiting the Cayman’s to always have a guide with you and engage in any fishing activity strictly from the shore or in boats. There are a number of restricted fishing sites, marine parks and protected areas along this coast. Traveling with a trained guide ensures you have full info on the status, tides and will ensure you do not exceed permitted quotas.

 Dominican Republic

Larger game fish thrive in deep waters, such as those along the coast of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican coast is an excellent location given the lax regulations that permit fishing all year round – with waters home to some of the most sought deep-sea species such as Marlin and Sailfish. The best months for fishing though fall between January to June. For anglers interested in making larger catches, regulations require use of chartered boats.

The best deep-sea fishing spots along this coast include locations such as Semana, Las Galeras. Anglers interested in catching Sailfish this is probably one of the best locations to make the catch. Sport anglers can also visit the islands for the many tournaments conducted all through the year within the Dominican Republic.

Like many of the Islands along this coast, you will have an easier time enlisting the services of trained guides especially since each Island has its own regulations.

Puerto Rico

Just like the Dominican Islands above, the Puerto Rican coastline is very rich fishing ground. It is for this reason these waters are home to many world record-breaking catches. There are many Islands and the clear blue waters are often busy with tourists enjoying the scenery and fishing.

These waters are home to various fish species but many of professional anglers that come through are in search of the infamous Blue Marlin. These large game species resemble sharks and can easily be identified by their large dorsal fin and its long snout (pectoral fin). In addition to the Blue Marlin, you will also get to enjoy catching Tuna inn these waters.


For anyone interested in fishing as a professional or pastime these Caribbean destinations are among the best locations. Visitors to these sites are sure to have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and catch some of the largest game fish varieties in the world.

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