Top 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep

When you go to bed at night, you definitely want to fall asleep. Unfortunately, insomnia affects many individual every single night causing them not to sleep comfortably. It has made it difficult for many people to switch off and drift into sleep only to fall asleep when it’s already morning. Then ask yourself what keeps you awake at night instead of sleeping? Below are top seven reasons why you can’t sleep well.


We all love taking coffee and tea, especially in the evening hours. However, these drinks are loaded with caffeine that stays in our system for a longer duration than we may expect, meaning that if you took a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon, it would still be in your body system at night, which might keep you awake when you go to bed. For you to have an undisturbed sleep at night; avoid consumption of drinks with caffeine. Have a healthier lifestyle in order to improve patterns and quality of your sleep.


Ideally, exercising it’s a nice thing and many people are positively embracing it. Nevertheless, exercising just before bedtime won’t be helpful. Actually, it is one of the reasons why you can’t sleep. When you exercise your metabolism is over -stimulated and your heartbeat increases making it more alert and awake. Hence, it is advisable to do the exercise early in the morning or mid-afternoon and not almost at bedtime.


Change is good, but people are afraid of it whether positive or negative change and it takes time to adapt it. Disruption of your normal routine can affect your sleep. For instance, any change like a new house, a new job, or new relationship brings a big impact on your life. It may lead to anxiety, worry, excitement, and anticipation and your emotions might be running high and cause you not to sleep. Think of any changes that have happened recently in your life and see if it is affecting the quality of your sleep.


Lately, are you struggling to fall asleep? Individual tend to blame themselves for their sleeping issue. Maybe it’s a grave mistake. Mostly, we forget that the quality of the mattress that we sleep on makes a gigantic difference between tossing and turning in the sheets and getting eight solid hours of shut-eye. It is essential to seek out for a comfortable mattress that will offer you with the rest and relaxation that you require while sleeping, and this might increase the quality of your sleep.

You are Too Exhausted

People have this perception that when you are exhausted, you will fall asleep immediately you go to bed, but that is not always the case. Actually, it is the opposite. If your body is very overwhelmingly exhausted, it will keep you awake at night. Because of being stretched to limits throughout the day, the body at night is still alert, and this keeps you mentally active, leading to difficulties in falling asleep at night. To overcome these do a bit of relaxation before going to bed.

Work and money

Sometimes work can be stressful. A little work, too much work, an irritating boss, too much pressure, bad pay, or zero job satisfaction- all these can lead to bad payment. Moreover, we need money as it does a lot of pay for such as your house rent, and basics such as buying food. Lack of these can keep you up at night worried causing you not to sleep.

Your room temperature

When your room is either too hot or too cold, it can cause you not to sleep at night. While we all find it difficult to sleep if it’s too hot, the general perception that you can sleep peacefully if you turn on the air conditioning high is also wrong. Besides, when the room is so cold, you will freeze the whole night and not sleep well again. The optimal temperature for sleeping peacefully is between 60 and 67 degrees. If the temperature is above 75 or below 54, it could disrupt your sleep.

The takeaway

Have you been having a sleepless night? The above-discussed point might be the reason behind it. Good sleep is comprised of both duration and quality. Hence, it is crucial to ensure you sleep well. As a result, you will have energized productive day.

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