Top Five Most Effective Nootropic Supplements

If you are looking to improvise your memory power or want to increase your intelligence, then you must need to take Nootropics. Now the question is what are the most successful Nootropics are well available for you in the market? Nootropics supplements which are also known as Brain boosters because of their capability to generate positive effects for better mental performance.

These supplements also help to improvise the recall power, memory power, better attention, good decision making, improve the creativity power and enhance the learning capacity. Overall these supplements help to enhance the communication between neurons of the human brain and improve the efficiency and keep brain healthier.

In recent days, you can find several Nootropics supplements so you might get in confused which one to use for better result. If you are one of them, then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to give you a brief idea about top five most effective and active Nootropic supplements those which are very popular and always helpful for you. You can get more details about the benefits of these supplements. So below listed supplements are most effective Nootropic supplements for you. Let’s discuss with more details

Mind Lab Pro:

This is an amazing and one of the most popular Nootropic supplements. This supplement not only enhances your brain performance but also helps to increase the intelligent which is always important for a human. The good thing of this supplement is it works effectively without the use of any stimulator ingredient or caffeine. You can get all premium ingredients in this supplement and according to clinical study it’s very useful for human mind. This supplement is manufactured by a London based company which is known as Opti-Nura and the most important thing is this company always manufacture its products by using purely natural ingredients.

This supplement comes with 11 natural brain booster ingredients and this company provides 30 days money back guaranty to the user if the user is not satisfied with this supplement. Mind Lab Pro is totally free from any type of allergens, gulten and soy. It helps many ways like improve the focusing power, boost the problem-solving ability, reduce anxiety and boost memory.


OptiMind is another strong and useful Bain booster supplement. This is a good supplement for students; athletics and any other people those who want to enhance their mental strength. This supplement is a perfect blend of Caffeine, amino acids and extracted herbals which always help your brain to become more fast and efficient. This supplement is manufactured by Texas based company which is known as AlternaScript.

This company was founded in 2013 and it only produced two products nowadays which are like RestUp and OptiMind. If you need caffeinated supplement then this is the best for you. The normal dose of this supplement is around one to two capsules in the morning. Make sure that the user of this supplement must be above 18 ages.

Onnit Alpha BRAIN:

This is another popular brain booster or highly recommended Nootropics supplement for the human. Alpha BRAIN is another strong Nootropics which is manufactured by Onnit. This supplement is a pure blend of various natural ingredients and well-tested by industry experts. Alpha BRAIN is a special kind of supplement which helps you to boost your memory power, motivation power and concentration power throughout a whole day. There is no use of caffeine in this supplement so if you are looking for non-caffeine supplement for your mental boost then no doubt this is the best product for you.


Neuro-Peak is an effective brain enhancer which is a little bit cheaper than OptiMind. As per the dose recommendation you need to take one capsule per day with your meal. This supplement bottle comes with 30 capsules, so you will get brain booster for a full month.

This supplement always helps to improve the functionality of your brain and will last for an entire day. This supplement contains 500mcg of vitamin B-12, 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri, 100 mg of Ginko Biloba, 50mg of DMAE, 50mg of Rhodiola Rosea Extract and other useful ingredients like rice flour,Gelatin and vegetable Magnesium Stearate.

Neuro Clarity:

This is a high-class Nootropic or brain enhancer in which you will get St.John’s Wort, Ginkgo Biloba and much more. This supplement has a powerful formula which can help your mind to be more focus and concentration. It also helps you for the motivation and always reduces anxiety. This supplement is also free of caffeine. If you want to avoid caffeinated products, then this can be an efficient and most useful brain improvement supplement for you. This supplement is manufactured by Nutrition Essential which is a small but very popular and swiftly growing manufacturer. This company always focuses on quality of the product so you can try this supplement of this product for your Brain boost and stress also.

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