How to Train for a Spartan Race?

A Spartan race is an exciting event that you can participate in. It is a part of an obstacle course racing community. It is a 3-mile event composed of several challenging obstacles that often require you to break physical and mental barriers.

If you plan to take part in this challenging yet fun and exciting event, then you have to know exactly how to train for a Spartan race. Dominate the event and win various obstacles with the help of the training tips mentioned in this article.

Tip #1 – Boost your aerobic capacity

Running is the base of almost all Spartan races. It serves as the foundation for starting your Spartan race training program. You have several options when starting your running regimen, including cross-training, long distance running, and sprints.

The good news is that aside from running, you have other options in terms of boosting your aerobic capacity. It is necessary to focus on improving your aerobic capacity for three days every week.

It is achievable with two sessions of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), as well as a single session of long distance training weekly. The first two sessions of HIIT can significantly and quickly boost your aerobic ability.

The session for long distance training, on the other hand, works in equipping you with the feel of Spartan. Make sure that your training reaches around three to five miles prior to the race to improve your ability to handle the distance during the event.

Tip #2 – Do burpees

It is crucial to do it daily so you’ll be able to handle this specific challenge come race day. One advantage of burpees is that they are great exercises if you want to do an intense plyometric and cardiovascular workout session.

Also, take note that Spartan race requires you to do thirty burpees as a penalty in case you fail to successfully pass an obstacle. Aside from that, burpees are effective in testing your physical ability.

These are extremely useful in building your athleticism and developing your jumping ability, as well as your shoulders, triceps, and chest. Being an all-in-one workout, mastering it is indeed a huge help in dominating the race.

Tip #3 – Strengthen your mind

Mental toughness is also the key to ensuring that you will be able to win the race. That said, you need to work out your mind, too, and strengthen it. You can build mental toughness prior to the race by making yourself feel slightly uncomfortable during the training.

The higher level of discomfort your training has, the higher comfort level and mental toughness you’ll gain once the race day comes.

Tip #4 – Get enough fuel

Just like any other race, it is crucial for you to be fully aware of your nutritional requirements when you are still training. Try various pre-workout foods, so you’ll know exactly your body’s reaction to it.

In addition, determine the fuel, such as gummies, gels, or blocks, you prefer in for long distances. You have to figure out what you should eat that can give you all the nutrition that your body needs for the race, even if you are still training.

It is also essential for you to determine what foods you can pack once the race comes. Note that you need to replenish the lost calories in your body every forty-five minutes during the Spartan race. Such is crucial in maintaining your energy.

Tip #5 – Prepare all the things you need

A Spartan race requires you to handle water and mud on the majority of courses, so it is advisable to wear durable gears. That said, you need to prepare everything you might need for the race – gears, footwear, outfit, etc.

A wise tip is to wear moisture-wicking and dry-fit clothes. Avoid those made of cotton to prevent wet gear from dragging you down. It would also be best to wear a pair of compression shorts as well as calf sleeves.

You need to invest in a good pair of Spartan race shoes, too. Go for a lightweight and waterproof one with a sturdy sole. Such will prevent you from slipping.


With all the tips above, winning the obstacles in a Spartan race through proper training is possible. You can also dominate the race if you wear shoes specifically dedicated for Spartan Race, even if you are still a beginner.

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