Treating Varicocele without invasive surgery – the holistic approach


The problem of infertility has been on an upward axis all around the world for many years now. Families all over are waiting for years and years to welcome a child into the family. In certain cases, it is already too late when couples get to know about the underlying causes of infertility.

 If you have recently visited a doctor, and he or she has told you that you are suffering from Varicocele, which is causing infertility, then you do not need to empty your bank account and max out your credit card to pay for a costly and invasive surgery to remedy the problem.

You can actually find a number of natural alternatives and treatment options that can easily help you to cure Varicocele. You just need to know which option to go for. So read on to find out more about what Varicocele is and the possibilities of varicocele treatment without surgery.

All about Varicocele and its effects

When you are suffering from Varicocele, the blood flow through your scrotum is usually affected, which in turn affects your sperm sac blood flow, which causes disruption in the creation of sperms in the testicles. The sacs in the scrotum are usually home to veins and blood vessels, which carry the blood straight to the reproductive glands for the production of sperm.

In simpler terms, when the veins in the scrotum are enlarged, the condition is termed as Varicocele. The veins in the scrotum are usually known as pampiniform plexus by doctors and physicians. One very prominent symptom of Varicocele is a swollen scrotum and veins.

Starting time for Varicocele

Varicocele can actually set in around the time of puberty in young boys, but in most cases, a poor lifestyle and bad dietary habits become the prime cause for Varicocele at a later age. Diet that causes toxicity in the body, stress factors in a stressful work or home environment, and a shear lack of workout time leads to the scrotal blood going to the hear becoming dirty and toxic.

This toxicity affects all the blood cells in the body, which causes a pH imbalance. An altered toxin level and pH level gives rise free radicals that cause blockage in the veins in the scrotum that run to the heart, causing blood flow to be halted. Impure blood gets stored in the veins, causing it to varicose and lead to Varicocele and a swollen scrotum.

Detecting Varicocele

Varicocele can be detected using an ultrasound scan in the earlier as well as the advanced stages. In more advanced cases, doctors ask patients to do a sperm count analysis as well as a USG in order to get a much clearer picture. With such a report, the doctor will be able to determine your fertility rate, as well as test sperm activity, that basically gives a picture of the blood flow to the testicles where sperm is created.

Bear it in mind that by only using the reports from a sperm count analysis and an ultrasound scan, can the doctor clearly determine the severity of the disease. Through naked eye, Varicocele may seem to many doctors as hydrocele, epididymitis or hernia. Hence, proper diagnosis is very much necessary to properly treat the symptoms.

Surgery – a good option? An only option?

Most doctors would advise you to go for surgery because they think that it is only way to cure Varicocele. But even when you undergo surgery, zero change in your diet or lifestyle may force the condition to relapse, thereby leading to a further increase in blood toxicity. The chances of recurrence are around 35%, which is a very serious figure. So basically, even if you go for surgery, there are chances that you will not get better. Luckily, there are other ways of treating Varicocele, which can ensure that the disease does not recur again.

Treating Varicocele at home on your own

In all actuality, there are two very specific ways to self treat Varicocele without having to go for invasive surgery. The very first step is to ensure that you change your habits and your lifestyle. Go for healthy food items and try to avoid fatty and processed food as much as possible. These processed food items usually carry free radicals that can damage your cells and increase the toxicity of your blood.

There are holistic treatment options as well, that help you to reduce the level of free radicals in your blood that cause varicose in the scrotal veins and lead to Varicocele. These holistic treatment options allow you to maintain a balanced pH level, which is good for your body in many ways. The patient is provided with herbal and naturally occurring medicine that increases the strength of the veins and arteries throughout the body, thereby promoting healthy blood flow and quick treatment of Varicocele symptoms.

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