Turn To Squatting For Faster Muscle Building


If you’re one of those budding body-builders, you must be probably trying or have tried different ways to build muscles fast. Surely, it is one tough job to tone up your body, but following simpler straight ways are better than going for unwanted means like health supplements.

If you’re one of those who like to work out, then squatting is one of the best ways to build your muscles faster. You can begin with a 30-days squat challenge to see where you stand, and probably then, increase your reps.

Squatting is a great way to gain awesome results. Many experts say that squatting is only for the tough ones, and if you fall in the lot who has stopped working out or have suffered any injury or body pain; then the exercise is not for you. But, even newbie can do it, with strong determination and good self-discipline.

Regular squatting pushes the limits of your body and mind, say some of the professional body builders. Every time you go down for a squat, your body releases astonishing amounts of natural growth hormones, which is super-effective in building the muscle growth of your body.

Consistent squatting routines in your workout regime will not only help in increasing the volume and power of your legs, but tones your core as well. Remember, for any exercise, having a firm core is essential. For any professional athlete/ workout enthusiast, a tightened core means they’ll be able to add more to other exercises like bench presses, curls, dips, and even sprinting. For those who think to squatting is just to tone up your lower body, make a point that it also helps to cut down on fat too. The more your squat heavily, the more you’re going to lose fat.

For many of us, including squatting in your regular workouts may be a bit challenging, as it really sucks up the energy from your body, and, you cannot punish your body every day. The key to this is to include squatting slowly into your daily routines. Let it grow, and become a habit than just an exercise that you’ve to do.

Take it easy by lifting light weights, or for that matter, without including any weights. Gradually monitor your pace and growth, and shift to heavier weights. With time, squatting will become easier and you could even innovate your squats.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate squatting is by trying 3 sets of 7 reps on a medium weight category. Go as deep as you can go in these sets. In the next session, try the same sets with bigger weights. It might feel challenging and uncomfortable in the beginning, but you’ll slowly learn to increase the weights. Your aim should be to go for the heaviest sets with smaller reps.

Remember, you only need to squat for one session per week. Any more, and you are either not lifting at a high enough intensity, or you are not giving yourself enough recovery time for your muscles to recover. Squat daily and you’ll feel and see a better, toned body.

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